Will Bolton be fired before 2020?

TEHRAN, Sep. 02 (MNA) – John Bolton, US national security adviser, is more isolated than ever at the White House. He has now become a major symbol of Washington's defeat in the international system. In recent days, some media have been reporting the possibility of the removal of US National Security Adviser John Bolton. Accordingly, Donald Trump is likely to oust Bolton by year 2020.

The popularity of Trump's foreign policy with American citizens has also fallen sharply. Some Trump supporters are deeply concerned about the US government's foreign policy becoming a weakness for the president in next year's presidential election.

Sources aware of Bolton's possible resignation before the start of 2020. Trump is well aware that if he wants to use the issue of Bolton's dismissal for his own electoral purposes and to attract independent voters, he must do so before the end of 2019, otherwise Trump's action would be ineffective.

John Bolton, US National Security Adviser, continues to promote war and terror and violence in his foreign policy. Bolton's title is basically tied to crime, war, and terror. Many American analysts say the National Security Adviser to the Trump government has become the symbol of the White House's failure in the international system. In George W. Bush's presidency, people like Dick Cheney and John Bolton have become the messengers of the White House's defeat in the world. This time Bolton has also become a messenger for defeating Trump and the US in the world.

US media has recently pointed to Bolton's extreme isolation in the United States. Senior US officials have told the Washington Post that Bolton's opposition to the diplomatic effort in Afghanistan has sparked outrage from US President Donald Trump. Bolton's current position at the White House is largely similar to that of General McMaster (former Trump national security adviser) in recent weeks. McMaster was also at that time virtually excluded from Trump's major foreign policy decisions. Bolton will soon become the main victim of the deal behind the Republican and Trump leaders. This is the worst fate that can await the US National Security Adviser.


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