Trump wants JCPOA 'in a different colored folder, with different name'

TEHRAN, May 13 (MNA) – A former US army psychological operation officer and counter-terrorism analyst Scott Bennett said Trump wants to put the JCPOA in a different colored folder and a color of his and not Obama’s.

Scott Bennett stressed Iran cannot put trust in E3 over JCPOA due to the close ties between US and Europe and their common interests.

Rejecting the possibility of war between US and Iran, Bennett said American people would not allow war and probably impeach Donald Trump on it.

On the role of Muslim countries in confronting against Trump's decision on relocation of US embassy to Jerusalem, he noted that they should be unified to say if you are going to declare Eastern Jerusalem being Jewish then you have to declare the other part of Jerusalem being Islamic.

Following is the full text of Bennett's interview with Mehr News correspondent Lachin Rezaian:

Regarding the close ties between US and Europe and their common interests, can Iran put trust in E3 over JCPOA (as Iranian Leader has announced clearly on Wednesday that he does not trust them either)?

No, obviously not. Iran would be fooled to lower its weapons or put itself in a position that would be harmed, like Libya or Iraq. The JCPOA and Iranian-American relationship has not been destroyed yet and it does have 60 days to re-evaluate everything, the Iranian position now should be to engage with Donald Trump in dialogue, they need to communicate with him. Because if they don’t communicate, that is exactly what the Zionists want, they want silence so they can cultivate false flag attacks, more chemical attacks, blaming on Iranians, plotting destructive protests and engage in psychological warfare to get prepared for military activity like they did against Iraq and accusing Iran of chemical weapons and hyper-activating a weapon system because of their JCPOA pullout; but Iran can disengage that by direct talks with US.

Iranians are better say “Mr. Trump we know your concerns about JCPOA, and we are happy to talk about what you propose, but nothing is going to change that we have already signed. We are not going to give any concession. You want to put the JCPOA in a different colored folder and a color of yours and not Obama’s? That’s fine but nothing can change that is going to damage our country, our culture, and security of our people.

And I think Donald Trump may surprise everyone by saying I agree, I just didn’t want Obama’s name on it but my name on it. OK, it doesn’t matter who gets the name, what matters is that Iran is left alone, the sanctions must be lifted; Iran is allowed to be paid back the money that is frozen and not be attacked or undermined by Israel or the US. So I think Russia needs to step in and play a part of the diplomatic conversation and I think Europe also needs to pay attention that the people of US and Europe do not want another war, there is no reason for war, other than to help the Zionists to destabilize the region. But people in US, Russia, Europe, they do not want war. Only Israel wants war.

So I don’t think there is going to be war, because American people would not allow it and probably impeach Donald Trump. And the same is true in Europe and Russia, so there is always a chance but I think with the internet and alternative media and international media like you, you are doing wonderful service by allowing truth in people that hear and respect them; they can arm them with knowledge, and the conviction to stand up and influence the political parties.

How will Iran-Europe economic ties suffer if the US resumes Iran sanctions?

It would be wise if Iran, Russia and China make deals with Europeans that gave Europeans a sense of being treated better and having a better deal than they would with the US. US is essentially saying if you don’t do, we are doing, we are going to hurt you with sanctions. So a combined economies of Russia, China, Iran and whatever is needed to present alternative economic deal to make the Europeans not want to side with US and of course paying attention that the European people do not want war.

How do you evaluate Trump's decision to move embassy to Jerusalem?

Trump’s decision to relocate US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a great mistake because it insults all of the other Muslims around the world that see Jerusalem as a portion of their own part. The Christians own part of it, Jews own part of it and Muslims own part of it too. Because they all have a historical lineage to Jerusalem which is true. So for Trump to declare a place as the property of only one group is very foolish and no American will want it like that. America is a Jewish-Zionist country. There are Jewish Zionists who have influences on media and lobbing groups that give them a lot of money. Trump is not politically sophisticated enough to know the full detrimental effects it would have.

Does embassy's move to Jerusalem, is based on "give and take" policy between US and Israel or based on US national interests?

I think it is based on personal relationship that Trump has with Netanyahu because his son-in-law Jared Kushner is Jewish so there is a sense of Jewishness there. He is been in New York and he was surrounded by Jews. Trump is not Jewish but he has affiliations and he ignorantly and naively has a sympathy that leads them to make these choices that have very negative effect and he is given back with money, hundreds of millions of dollars, and made the choice to move the embassy for them.

What Muslim countries can do to confront Trump's move to relocate US embassy?

First of all, the Islamic countries should be unified to say if you are going to declare Eastern Jerusalem being Jewish then you have to declare the other part of Jerusalem being Islamic, you have to give us equal right and then if they don’t do that, they have to protest internationally against Israel, boycott all Israeli services until there is equal division for the Jerusalem.

Dr. Scott Bennett, formerly of the US Army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, attempted to blow the whistle by contacting the commercially controlled media and writing to US politicians after being sacked from his job as terrorist finance investigator after he proved too zealous at the job. He also tried to expose Union Bank of Switzerland for financing terrorism (Al Qaeda, Benghazi, ISIL) through the US and Allies, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey, Israel back in 2012; then thrown in prison for it. Bennett had a background in advertising, before being fast tracked into the US military PSYOPS division, receiving a Direct Commission as an Officer, and held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance. 

Interview by Lachin Rezaian

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