Hezbollah Brigades warn US to leave Iraq

TEHRAN, Dec. 30 (MNA) – Hezbollah Brigades warned the US on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of Iraq war to leave Iraqi lands of their own accord.

Hezbollah Brigades issued a statement saying that the US is after sending its forces to Iraq one more time under unfounded pretext in order to occupy Iraqi lands.

Hezbollah Brigades announced in its statement that the occupying US army was forced to leave Iraq in 2011 after 9 years as a result of the attacks made by Hezbollah fighters against it. Iraqi forces proved that their will is stronger than all the aggressive, tyrannous forces of the world and they inflicted a strategic defeat on the strongest world army.

The statement says that Hezbollah Brigades played a fateful role in US defeat and forced it to leave Iraq.

According to the statement, the US plot included seizing full control of the fate of the Iraqi nation. Defeating ISIL terrorists who were protected by the US and some other Arabic countries led to foiling the second part of the plot that targeted Iraqi nation and land.

Hezbollah Brigades announced that the US tries, once again, to undermine Iraqi government and return to this country under false pretexts and so as to occupy it.

The statement advises the US to not dream about returning to Iraq and asks Iraqi government and parliament to adopt a strong stance toward the activities of US forces in Iraq.

Hezbollah Brigades stated that if the US forces do not leave Iraqi lands of their own accord, they will force them to leave.


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