Datis Khodro Co. sole supplier of Takumi Motor Oil in Iran

TEHRAN, Sep. 11 (MNA) – Datis Khodro Iranian Co. is the exclusive representative of Japan's Takumi Motor Oil, which supplies the product on the Iranian market.

Takumi is the only motor oil in the market, which is completely produced and packaged in Japan, and not in affiliated factories in the Persian Gulf or Malaysia, unlike other motor oils in the Iranian market.

Takumi has been a leading motor oil with top quality since 2009, and over the years, its managers have been trying to maintain its quality and prevent the entry of non-original samples to the markets of other countries.

Milad Alinaghi, CEO of Datis Khodro, pointed out the company's eco-friendly activities in the past years, saying Datis Khodro has especially put offering services to the hybrid cars on its agenda with the launch of its first specialized repair shop of hybrid vehicles in the country. It also imported Takumi to Iran, as the only standard motor oil for use on hybrid vehicles.

Takumi, especial for hybrid cars

Japanese Takumi is the only product in Iran that provides exceptional performance and protection for all hybrids. The reason for the distinction of the motor oil especial for hybrid cars, is the on and off of motor during a full rotation. Takumi provides the recommended oil for hybrid cars approved by Japan's Toyota and Lexus.

Takumi oils have soft viscosity characteristics in order to reduce frictional resistance between the engines moving parts and piston ring contact surface. They are ideal for hybrid cars or any of the cars which have small piston clearance. The oil is proud of the good fuel economy and starting performance.

Each car needs its own motor oil according to its construction, conditions of use and weather of the region it is used in. It is not possible to make a single order for all cars, drivers and roads. Takumi comes to Iranian market with a complete package.

Special motor oil for public cars

The motor oil used for a taxi is different from the one for a car whose owner uses it only for city short trips. There are a lot of differences that few people pay attention to.

Datis Khodro, as the sole distributor of Takumi oil in Iran, has paid attention to these differences and provided two groups of motor oils for various needs in Iran. Special oil for cars that travel more than a hundred miles after each startup, and special oil for cars that run short each time they light up.

Japan's Takumi Motor Oil is offered in different viscosities by Datis Khodro Company in the Iranian market to help meet the needs of today's world car owners. The oil is currently used in 24 countries, including Russia, South Korea, Japan and China, and is recommended by the major carmakers in South Korea, Japan and Europe, including Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus and reputable European brands.

Periodic services with original Japanese motor oil

Alinaghi said Takumi oil is currently sold only in Datis Khodro's specialized repair shops, and all of the periodic services on imported and luxury cars are performed with the finest and most original motor oils in the market.

Pointing to the offering of extensive after-sale services for Volvo automobiles by Datis Khodro Company who holds the exclusive representative of Heico Sportiv cars in Iran, Alinaghi noted "at the moment, all technical services of Volvo cars are being carried out by the Datis holding team and following the delivery of Takumi motor oils to Datis Auto Repair Shops, owners of imported cars, including Volvo, can use the Japanese original product, as well as the use of specialized repairing facilities by visiting this complex."

According to the exclusive representative of Takumi in Iran, the sales network of this motor oil will be launched soon, and the purchase and use of the only original Japanese motor oil will be provided for Iran's public market. In this regard, those interested can contact 021-75306 for further information on sales branches around the country.


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