Iran's missile power non-negotiable

TEHRAN, Jul. 17 (MNA) – Iranian Army Chief Maj. Gen. Mohammad Hossein Bagheri said Iran’s missile power was defensive and non-negotiable.

The official made the remarks while addressing a meeting of commanders of IRGC Ground Forces held in Mashhad. “grouping IRGC with terrorist groups and imposing similar sanctions against them would mark a big risk for Americans,” he noted.

Bagheri said despite continuation of plots and threats by the enemy front and intensification of anti-Iranian investment by regional puppets of the US and the Zionist regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran is still moving on its luminous and inspirational path with authority and dignity almost four decades after victory of the Islamic Revolution.

He called for more intelligence and readiness for thwarting new security threats which have been devised by arrogant and reactionary powers and are intensified due to negligence of some neighboring states.

Stressing that Iran today is stronger and more successful than ever for maintaining its ability to defend itself against threats, the commander asserted “by focusing on a progressive capacity-building strategy, the country has been able to defend borders, assist Axis of Resistance to confront Takfiri terrorists and transfer the battlefield to remote areas bringing unmatched security to its people.”

Maj. Gen. Bagheri underscored that different conditions would be present inside the country had it not been for prudent leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei, bravery of Armed Forces commanders and unity of the noble nation of Iran.

“Southwest Asia has become heart of developments in the world and, due to interference of arrogant powers, shamelessness of the Zionists and stupidity and treachery of leaders of some of non-popular governments in the region today, the region is faced with new conspiracies which require careful attention.”

He deemed it strange and suspicious that, defeat of ISIL and Takfiri terrorists was immediately followed by the idea of a referendum on the Iraqi Kurdistan and isolation of a part of the neighboring country. The Army Chief said holding a referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan would cause new problems and challenges in the region. He emphasized that the issue was in no way acceptable to the Iraqi neighbors since independence and integrity of Iraq would benefit all ethnic and religious groups.

He touched upon recent disagreements and tensions between some regional countries inviting them to unity and dialogue in a space away far from violence and diversity.

He stressed that the region had no more room for wars and other tensions which would otherwise pave the path for malicious and aggressive enemies; “countries of the region possess the capacity to resolve problems and disagreements without the need for interfere of trans-regional hegemonic powers.”

Bagheri, pointing to recent threats and speeches of US military officials who, with a clear involvement in the internal affairs of our country, spoke of the necessity of changing the regime in Iran, said “fortunately, by holding a massive election with complete security, the Iranian nation proved that it does not allow interference in the fate and security of the country.” He therefore invited American officials exercise more caution while making comments about other countries including Iran who stands firmly and consistently against all conspiracies.

He noted that Iran's nation has always been against the domination system and becomes increasingly stronger and therefore further sanctions will be an opportunity for growth, self-reliance and attention to the indigenous and domestic capacities of the country.

Iranian Army Chief, while pointing to recommendation of the American Legislative Council to take caution in deciding on imposition of new sanctions against Iran, emphasized that Iran's missile power was defensive and could never be negotiated.

The commander, at another part of his remarks, praised the Ground Forces of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) who have played a distinguished and outstanding role in providing border security amid all regional tensions and crises. He further enumerated constructive measures taken by IRGC in medical, treatment and humanitarian arenas reiterating that these forces have launched field hospitals at which thousands of patients have undergone operations or received treatment free of charge.

The units of this force are equipped with field hospitals and need and at the level of several urban hospitals to provide free services to the people, which has undergone thousands of operations in these hospitals for treatment.

“IRGC, in addition to its role in defense and security areas, has had strategic implications in the field of construction, and assisting people and has also played an indispensable role in relying on indigenous and Iranian capabilities,” he concluded.


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