Iranians' interest in flamenco music commendable

TEHRAN, Jan. 18 (MNA) – Duquende, one of the most valued Flamenco singers, who performed flamenco style on Tuesday said Iranian people like Spanish flamenco due to the same origin they share.

On Tuesday, the 32nd Fajr International Music Festival hosted a Spanish Flamenco group starring Duquende, one of the most valued Flamenco singers, Diego Del Morao, one of the guitarists on the national scene of the moment and Israel Suarez, known as El Piraña, one of the best percussionists in the world.

Duquende described his experience in Iran very advantagous, saying my presence in Iran completely changed my opinions about the people of Iran. 

He said he like Iranian music because of the similarities between the musics of the two countries.

The group displayed a great performance warmly welcomed and terrificly applauded by the audience.

At the end of the program, Duquende answered the questions of Mehr News correspondent on his experiences in Iran and opinions about Iranian people and music: 

You have never performed jointly with Diego del Mareo. Why did you decide to have joint performance at Fajr International Music Festival?

Well, we like the work of each other, we have decided to perform together and I think it was effective. Our first time cooperation is at an Iranian event and we are happy for that.

The Iranian people have a keen interest in Spanish music. Every time Spanish singers or musicians had performances in Iran, the halls were filled and all tickets are sold out. In your opinion, what are the similarities between Iranian and Spanish music?

Iranian people's interest in Spanish music is laudable. I think this is because Flamenco roots from here. Flamenco is a music style has an Arabic roots, which is similar between Iranian and Spanish music.

Do you listen to Persian music?

Yes, sometimes I listen. I think Iranian music has a lot of similarities with Spanish one, and I feel Iranian music is much like ours. I like Iranian traditional music and think like it is like flamenco music. Melodies and rhythms of Iranian and Spanish songs are very similar.

How was your experience in Iran and what do you think about Iranian people?

I had an interesting experience in Iran. It was because of the warmth of the Iranian people. Before my trip to Iran, I always thought they are cold and unfeeling, but now I believe they are warm-hearted, friendly, hospitable and very kind to the foreigners. They love flamenco and this was a good experience for me.

Juan Rafael Cortés Santiago, known as Duquende is a famous Spanish flamenco singer. Born in Sabadell, Spain, Duquende is considered a successor to influential Flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla. Since 1997, Duquende has been a member of the Paco de Lucía Sextet in addition to working as a solo artist. In 1996, Duquende was the first cantaor to be invited to perform at the Champs Elysées theatre in Paris.

Interview by: Lachin Rezaian

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