US election campaign highlights ‘moral collapse’

TEHRAN, Nov. 14 (MNA) – Head of the Judiciary has said election of Trump to presidency was rejection of the ruling establishment as corrupt and inefficient.

Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani who was addressing a meeting of Judiciary high-ranking officials on Monday said that the presidential election in the US was a great shock for the US society and leaders of western countries; “the remarks of both candidates in their presidential campaign revealed much about their moral collapse; both candidates exposed their corruptions and violations of moral principles, long after the Islamic Republic of Iran had been loudly speaking out about,” he told the meeting.

“The vote for Trump who criticized the establishment as inefficient and corrupt, was the rejection of the Establishment and the policy thereof; if Mr. Trump lives to his promises, the world as well as the US will face a real crisis,” Ayatollah Amoli Larijani added.

He also believed that the campaign trail was indication of the moral collapse of the political system of the US; “the promotion of secular ethics would inevitably lead to such filthy scenes and the people will have to choose from among the two evils; such system of government has hit the end of the line,” he told the meeting.

Elsewhere in his address, head of the Judiciary criticized the Saudi Arabia who had systematically failed to handle a pilgrimage where millions participated and made an analogy with Karbala Pilgrimage; “Hajj pilgrimage is a great event and a great Islamic ritual; however, Saudis are incompetent in best holding the ceremony with security; the Karbala and Arbaeen pilgrimage is a great feat in providing security of the pilgrims,” he said.

Last but not the least was the JCPOA which Amoli Larijani addressed; “threats would not jeopardize Iran’s national interests; the nuclear deal is a trade-off where Iran’s odds were promising; however, it turned out that with the passing of time, not much would be grasped by Iran out of the deal; we believe our domestic capabilities are an area where the enemies would be defeated in any attempt to deprive the country of its assets,” he concluded.


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