Undermining Sacred Defense ‘misguided’

TEHRAN, Sep. 28 (MNA) – Minister of defense has said Iran has now been an influential country in the region whose scope spread to all international developments.

Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan who was speaking in Malek Ashtar University of Technology (MUT) on Wednesday morning told a number of students that self-sufficiency and accurate exploitation of the major elements of land, time, and tactics contributed to Iran’s success vis-à-vis an enemy armed to teeth; “the nation had decided to bring the war to a glorious end against Saddam Hussein, who was in grave error of judgement in underestimation of Iranian resistance in assuming his troops camping in Tehran by three days,” he told the ceremony. “The resistance forced him however to drastically change the measures, decent into a long war of attrition, where he was forced to admit defeat as well.”

Dehghan denounced the analysis that downplayed the ‘epic achievement’ of the Sacred Defense, with a recent trend which murmured the slowing of development of the military, a criticism he shared by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution; “under such a condition where enemies are just behind our borders and a moment of laxity would lure them to an invasion, the military should be strengthened in defensive and offensive sides; the military has been always in a position of deterrence which discouraged possible invasions,” he asserted.

“With a unique position in the region, now Iran wields extensive influence in all regional and international developments which would destabilize the country; this position of strengths owes much to the collective efforts of the nation and state, and now the new young generation provides the country with valuable assets as future rulers of the nation,” Dehghan told the students. “Country’s academic centers should shoulder the heavy responsibility of achieving the highest position in welfare, sovereignty, defense and security; no restrictions should be set to these developments and progress should be the dominant mode of thinking,” he proposed.


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