Iran’s note of protest to be sent to IAEA on Mon.

TEHRAN, Jul. 25 (MNA) – Iran will send an official note of protest to the IAEA today over the leaked confidential document about the country’s nuclear program, AEOI spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said.

“A few days ago, the Associated Press published a report that contained some information about our long-term nuclear enrichment and R&D plans that have been previously given to the IAEA,” Kamalvnadi, spokesman of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said Sunday.

He went on to add, “when we sign up to the Additional Protocol, even without considering the JCPOA, we are obliged to give the information to the IAEA, and the Agency in turn has an obligation to protect the information.”

“When a part of these documents and information is leaked, the question to ask is who and for what reason has done it,” Kamalvandi said. “As of now, our suspicions point to the IAEA and the people there who have access to these documents.”

He went on to add, “there might be people outside of the IAEA that have been made privy to the information and seem to seek exerting pressure on the US government and certain European countries by leaking the document.”

Kamalvandi explained, “some believe that in the process of the nuclear deal, the American and European governments have lost to Iran and to prove this, have attempted to obtain documents to say that Iran will increase its capacities after ten years following the JCPOA and in the 15th year, the country will practically reach a high industrial capacity.”

“First, we will file a note of protest with the IAEA through our representative office in Vienna and express our dissatisfaction over the leaking of the confidential information,” Kamalvandi said, adding “then we will wait for the IAEA’s response.”

“Of course, our concern is not about this particular document, because its disclosure will only be a matter of pride for our country and reveal our achievements,” Kamalvandi said, stressing “however, what concerns us is the principle of confidentiality of the documents. There are other confidential documents that would be unwise to be disclosed from a technical and security perspective, so this needs to be stopped from becoming a trend.”

The AEOI spokesman called on the International Atomic Energy Agency to reconsider its methods in giving access to confidential documents of member countries and make extra efforts in protecting them.


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