Al-Khalifa drastic measures ‘would lead to point of no return’

TEHRAN, Jun. 26 (MNA) – Representative of Ayatollah Issa Qassim to Iran has said any drastic measure by the ruling Al-Khalifa house would erode chances of peaceful arrangement to restore the status quo ante to the tiny island in the Persian Gulf.

Sheikh Abdullah Daqqaq told Mehr News International Service during an interview with Mohammad Fatemizadeh on Saturday that Al-Khalifa ruling house had illegitimately put under house arrest and denaturalized Ayatollah Issa Qassim which only garnered to the regime in Manama the ignominy and condemnation even by observers in some of the most ignorant allies of the island. “No less important reaction was that by Bahraini Shia communities who have supported the Revolution and acted as ranks and files of the peaceful demonstrations demanding their civil and citizenship rights,” he told Mehr News International; “Ayatollah Qassim’s followers and entourage came to protect him by crowding before his house which also included breaking their Ramadan fast in the evening; not however absent are influential clerics who have joined the bandwagon of Ayatollah’s followers; thus, the regime in Manama faces not a small-scale and temporary skirmish, but a broader community of Shias demanding returning back nationality to the influential Shia religious leader,” he emphasized.

“We predict the ceremony for the night of Ramadan 21 will be only next to demonstrations (in scope) crushed by the exemplary cruelty of Al-Khalifa mercenaries from Saudi Arabia in Pearl (Lulu) Square in Manama in 2011; the demolishing of the square however achieved nothing to placate the demonstrators; mass arrest, summary trials, and sending to exile of influential leaders also proved failing,” Sheikh Daqqaq told Mehr News.

“With Sheikh Ali Salman’s case, regime in Manama waged an aborted effort to defame him, but I would say Bahraini rulers had underestimated the depth of emotional attachment and sympathy between general public and Sheikh Salman. I believe the tale of the Revolution will only be told by Ayatollah Qassim and as long as he is in the leading seat, the Revolution will go on totally peacefully,” he asserted.

Sheikh Daqqaq also predicted a change in course of events should Al-Khalifa ruling party commit unreasonable enough a blunder with Ayatollah Qassem’s case; “we gravely warn the regime on that drastic measure which would be point of no return for people of Bahrain in their efforts to advance the Revolution; a second wave has started which is probable to sweep the regime’s castles built in sands before Qassim’s house which we predict would be a history revisited,” said the envoy.

On a question of an even graver warning by Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani of IRGC Quds Force about revoking Ayatollah Qassem’s nationality, Sheikh Daqqaq believed that the statement and warning was quite timely and signaled to Al-Khalifa that they had been crossing the Rubicon by such escapades; we believe negotiations with the sheikh and restoring his nationality would bring the situation back to normal; otherwise, their hamartia will mount even to their overthrow by public rage,” he concluded the interview.


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