Saudi further oppression of Shias ‘very likely’

TEHRAN, Jan. 03 (MNA) – Noam Chomsky has told Mehr News International Service Saudi Arabia would become more brazen in suppressing Shias in the north and east of the country now with Sheikh Nimr executed.

Javad Heirannia of Mehr News International Service asked Noam Chomsky, an MIT Professor Emeritus about the execution of Sheikh Mohammad Baqir Nimr al-Nimr, an outspoken critic of Saudi government and Shia religious leader and scholar and possible reactions in the west. Mr. Chomsky believes the execution would only arise tepid reactions as ‘empty protests,’ implying wryly the prospects of a serious reaction in the west to execution of Sheikh Nimr being as flimsy at best:  

Despite of warnings from Islamic world, today Saudi Arabia executed Sheikh Nimr. Why don't world human rights bodies react properly to this crime?

There are some protests, but probably nothing will be done.  Saudi Arabia is too valuable an ally.

Considering the fact 25 percent of Saudi Arabia population is Shia, what will be the consequences of his execution for the Saudi rulers?

They are badly repressed.  There might be a turn for the worse.

What will be the reaction of the US and the west?

Probably empty protests.


Interview by: Javad Heirannia 


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