Crime in Nigeria inspired by Zionism: cleric

TEHRAN, Dec. 18 (MNA) – The interim leader of Tehran’s Friday Prayers condemned the horrific crimes against the Muslims in Nigeria.

The Iranian nation is a perfect example of those who defend the right in face of harsh events, asserted Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami in his address to the worshippers of Tehran who convened at the Grand Musalla of the city to hold the weekly rituals of Friday.

Tehran interim Friday Prayers leader held that after 36 years of difficulties, Iranians still cherish their Islamic Revolution and defend it with an outstanding patience.

It is too much gullibility to believe the claim of the Nigerian Army in saying that the Muslims blocked the way, underlined the grand cleric referring to the massacre of Muslims in the African country.

Killing hundreds of Muslims, burying them in mass graves and rejecting to hand in the corpses of the dead to their families is a kind of Zionist crime, stressed Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami.

The senior Iranian cleric affirmed that the event will fuel the fire of Takfiri terrorists, Boko Haram group, and the Zionist regime.

He announced that a secular regime is possible to run for many years but a tyrannical regime is sure to be ended one day and the blood shed unfairly would flood the palace of injustice.

Lamenting the murder of Ibrahim al-Zakzaky’s three sons in last year Quds Day rally and the murder of his only remaining son on last Saturday, the Grand Cleric warned the Nigerian regime of consequences urging the country's leaders abandon savagery towards Muslims.

Greeting President Rouhani and the team of Iranian nuclear negotiators headed by FM Zarif, the Grand Ayatollah hailed the closure of the so-called PMD case of Iran’s nuclear program in the IAEA.

"There are still five major points to be considered here," noted Ayatollah Khatami, "the first of them is baseless claims made by Amano in his report that Iran was after the nuclear bomb in the period of 2003 to 2009."

What 5+1 did in this case was not a favor, but they ate the humble pie after 12 years of false accusations, and the Iranian government is responsible to sue them in international communities, articulated the senior cleric as the second point.

The interim leader of Tehran’s weekly rituals of Friday Prayers attributed the success to the guidance provided by Iran’s Leader and the patience undertaken by the nation, as his third point about the closure of PMD case. He warned political parties not to take advantage of the occasion to label the honor their own.

Touching upon the latest events of the region with focus on Turkey, Ayatollah Khatami held that both the downing of the Russian warplane and deployment of Turkish troops to the north of Iraq were triggered by the approving nod of the US and warned the Turkish authorities to be careful about Americans.

"The Americans pawned Saddam Hussein against Iran, Shias of the region and Kuwait, but finally when the date of his use expired, they toppled him," brought up Ayatollah Khatami as "a lesson for the Turkish politicians who are currently puppeteered by the Americans."

Referring to what Saudi regime calls as anti-terrorism coalition, the cleric questioned how it is possible to feed the terrorists on one hand and fight with them on the other hand.   




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