Lavrov deplores US hegemony in world issues

MOSCOW, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Russian FM Lavrov has slammed the United States for its hegemonic policies in global issues.

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov deplored today the reiterated actions by the United States to impose its hegemony in global issues, while calling for negotiations based on actual equality seeking to solve problems.

Lavrov said in his speech at the State Duma (Lower Houser of the Parliament) that the United States seeks to adapt the world to the West’s agenda and continue its sole dominance.

In a special address he denounced the US and western allies’ attempts to hinder the process to create a multifarious and fair world.

Lavrov said that prescribed formulas only lead to aggravation of chaos and rising repulse.

"It is clear that the current situation demands negotiations based on authentic equality and only through actions of solidarity the complex problems could be solved," said Lavrov at the Parliament.

Meanwhile, Lavrov also referred to a draft resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations on the fight against terrorism that would unveil the actions taken by the coalition led by the United States in Syria.

He said that the use of the United Nations to satisfy unilateral interests must be halted, while contrasting those actions with the goals of Russia in the fight against the Islamic State and Islamist organizations, which are aimed at fostering negotiations among Syrians.

Lavrov also referred to the United States’ refusal to form a coalition led by the United Nations and highlighted its negative consequences.

According to Lavrov, the United States refused to send a delegation to Russia and also refused to host a team led by Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, as suggested yesterday by President Vladimir Putin.





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