Student invents device to save GTs

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TEHRAN, Jun. 29 (MNA) – An Amir Kabir University PhD student has invented a dust measure device to prolong gas turbines’ lives.

Aerospace PhD candidate Hossein Goudarzi from Amir Kabir University of Tehran has invented a laser-tech dust measure which defines the proper time for changing the air filter of gas turbines (GT) preventing harms of accimulated dust in filtering systems.

The investing sponsor of the project Parviz Zabbah who was also a jury member in the third edition of Idea Bazaar broke the news of a 70-piece order for the device from a European company whose demand will be met after the production line is inaugurated.

The device with no foreign version can alarm the time of changing the filters and save around 200 to 400 million dollars in depreciation and maintenance costs of the turbines.

Filtration Systems are not that accurate to guarantee high availability and efficiency of gas turbines (GTs) as contaminants entering the GT can cause corrosion, fouling, erosion and melting of particles on hot surfaces, which can rapidly reduce the efficiency and become a serious threat to the turbine.

The opacimeter measures dust loading by passing light through the gas stream and it can be a good trend indicator, for filter failure protection up-stream of a gas turbine.



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