TEHRAN, Mar. 8 (MNA) -- All Lebanese factions, both pro-government and opposition groups, should realize that holding negotiations is the only way to promote the interests of the Lebanese nation and to establish peace in the country, Lebanese MP Ali Kharris said on Monday in response to the overt interference of the United States in Lebanon’s internal affairs at this sensitive juncture.

In an interview with the Mehr News Agency,Kharris criticized Lebanese opposition groups for their constant insistence on the withdrawal of Syrian troops from the vicinity of the occupied Shebaa Farms while they say nothing about the need for the Zionist occupation troops to withdraw from the territory.


He called the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri a dreadful murder and said the perpetrators of the crime must be arrested.


The martyrdom of Rafiq Hariri is a Lebanese case involving all Lebanese people and not just a specific ethnic group or family, he added.


“We have some principles to which we are faithful. The first one is to maintain unity in Lebanon and to have excellent and special relations with Syria. The second one is about resistance, and we should resist because Israel is still occupying the Shebaa Farms. We should be sorry that the opposition groups insist on Syria’s withdrawal from the vicinity of the Shebaa Farms but do not call on Israel to withdraw from the territory in line with UN Resolution 425,” he said.


“Resistance is our red line and we emphasize the need to continue resistance in order to liberate our territories which are currently occupied.


“The third principle to which we are faithful is the necessity of holding intensive negotiations between all political groups in order to defend Lebanon’s interests. All should recognize the interests of Lebanon. They should not choose the street as a place to announce their political stances because Lebanon is tired of all these wars and does not intend to return to the past and to the time of wars. What we should do is hold negotiations about the interests of and the benefits for Lebanon. Now, after the resignation of Omar Karami, we should all realize that a government of national unity should be established.”


Expressing surprise about the opposition groups’ illogical insistence on the resignation of all officials heading security organizations, he said that would require the establishment of a real government working to promote Lebanon’s interests.


When such a government is established, it would assume responsibility for drafting election regulations and holding parliamentary elections on schedule, he added.


“We emphasize the need to hold elections on schedule. We do not agree with the postponement of the elections,” he said. 


The main issue is the establishment of a national unity government, and the opposition groups should realize that unity, national and ethnic unity, and the establishment of a national unity government are to the benefit of Lebanon, he added.


As for the reason behind the combined efforts of the United States, other Western countries, the Zionist regime, and even some Arab governments to impose pressure on Lebanon and Syria, Kharris said, “We believe that the United States is pressuring some Arab countries to impose pressure on Syria and Lebanon. All this pressure mostly benefits the Zionist regime. The U.S. is pressuring Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, and we can not tolerate it. The United States intends to gain control over the region’s security, political, and economic affairs, and expects no country to say ‘no’ to it or to Israel.


“We emphasize the need to implement the Taif Accord. It should be implemented completely. One should not implement some parts and forget about the rest. There is an important article about eliminating ethnic politics in the accord, and ethnic politics is one of the main reasons behind the current problems in Lebanon.”


Kharris mentioned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s remarks about recent political developments in Lebanon and Syria and warned about the consequences of a Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, saying that Lebanon insists on having friendly and special relations with Syria and does not intend to return to the shameful May 17 Accord (an accord between former Lebanese president Bashir Gemayel and the Zionist regime which led to his overthrow by the Lebanese nation).


In conclusion, he said that Lebanon’s relations with Syria are historical, geographical, and beneficial for both countries and stated that any division between Lebanon and Syria would only benefit the Zionist regime.






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