Iranian victims of MEK terrorist send letter to Obama

TEHRAN, Apr. 13 (MNA) – Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism has condemned inauguration of MEK office in Washington in a letter to Barack Obama.

 MNA: The Association (including the families of 17000 Iranian victims of terrorism) has sent a letter to Obama and condemned the opening of MEK office in a street near the White House as violation of UN resolutions against terrorism, and as boost for violence and terrorism.

The letter reads “MEK is a terrorist sect in the strict sense of the term, in that it has evident characteristics of proper sects such as Cult of Personality, undemocratic structure of power, and intense isolation. The most obvious character of sects is their opposition to human rights and democracy. In MEK structure, Masoud and Maryam Rajavi have the last word. These two are worshiped to the level of saints, and the sect members, first of all, should prove their loyalty to them. Cult of Personality has got its ludicrous dimensions inside MEK, replacing even the love of family with the love of Rajavis.

The Association also points to the undemocratic structure of power inside the MEK as other characteristics of this sect. “Maryam Rajavi has been the leader of the sect for more than 18 years, and during these years, no elections, even based on formality, has been held to select the new leader. The sect is ruled through dictatorial arrangements and far from democratic mechanisms. Some members have launched aborted attempts to escape the Liberty Camp, and generally faced with failure, they have committed suicide,” adds the letter.

“These individuals need psychological treatments,” reads the report, pointing to the terrorist nature of the sect, in addition to its specifics that have made it a sect.

“This sect is responsible for killing of more than 12000 Iranian citizens. So far, no one among the MEK members has confessed their repentance over their past terrorist acts. This proves their excessive interest and lust for violence and terrorist attacks. The sect has not accepted to eliminate the image of arms from their organizational symbol. Its 3400 members have military trainings, and despite their extreme psychological disorders, have been saved inside the MEK for future military and terrorist operations,” reads the letter.

The letter, in closing lines, has called Obama for more prudence about the implications of supporting such terrorist groups as MEK, and believed such acts being violation of international rules and UN resolutions.

The Association is a non-governmental organization which acts under the banner of ‘world without terror.’


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