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TV BRICS presents international media projects

TV BRICS presents international media projects

Interaction in a world that is increasingly striving for multipolarity was negotiated at one of the sessions of the Russian Creative Week in Moscow.

Participants in the discussion "International cooperation in the creative industries: new opportunities for creating joint products for the global market" addressed the prospects for new cross-country and cross-disciplinary products for global markets.

Head of International Projects at TV BRICS Alexandra Burman spoke on "International cooperation as a driver of creative industries development".

"International cooperation and creation of joint media projects with foreign partners are the main principles of TV BRICS International Media Network. Today, we note the high interest of different countries in interaction with Russia, which is chairing the BRICS group in 2024. It is on the basis of national and cultural diversity that completely new ideas, interesting programmes, and unique educational formats are born, which will be in demand throughout the BRICS+ information environment in the future. The modern technological world offers many opportunities for cooperation despite the geographical remoteness of countries and peoples. But even more people are brought closer together by common spiritual values and creative goals, which are at the very core of TV BRICS' activities"

She added that the international media network works with representatives of creative industries in many formats. Projects with partner media, artists, and cultural and educational institutions are constantly being implemented. By sharing content with national media, TV BRICS creates a vivid and comprehensive picture of the world for the audience and shares the cultural codes of the BRICS countries with the people of different countries. The TV BRICS network adapts content into five languages, namely Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese, and transmits it to more than 70 international partners.

The representative of Russian-Iranian Center for Legal and Economic Cooperation, Abbas Mirzai Ghazi, explained that creative industries play a special role in Iran, so a special headquarters was established to develop this sphere. The supervisory board of this body consists of eight ministries and several state organisations.

"Today, there are 108 creative industries in the republic, 58 of which are located in Tehran and the rest are distributed across the country and are active," Abbas Mirzai Ghazi, revealed. He added that the first Russian Creative Industries House is planned to be established in Iran.


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