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Landmark election kicks off in UK: Report

Landmark election kicks off in UK: Report

TEHRAN, Jul. 04 (MNA) – The UK heads to the ballot box on Thursday, as the incumbent Conservative Party seeks to defy months of polls that suggest it will suffer a historic defeat at the hands of the center-left Labor Party.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the vote six weeks ago, taking politicians and the public alike by surprise. Most had expected the election to take place later in the year, giving more time for the recent decline in inflation and anticipated reduction in interest rates to hit voters' wallets, CNBC reported.

A number of smaller parties are vying to win seats in the 650-member House of Commons, the UK's lower house of parliament, including the Liberal Democrats, Greens, Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru, the Democratic Unionist Party and Nigel Farag's Reform UK.

Votes will be cast across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the report added.

Within the UK political system, a party increasing its share of the popular vote does not necessarily translate to winning more parliamentary seats — and it is all but guaranteed that either the Conservatives or Labor, led by Keir Starmer, will receive the reins of power. That could either be through winning an absolute majority or by forming a coalition government.


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