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Dugin to MNA;

Liberalism evil ideology

Liberalism evil ideology

TEHRAN, Mar. 05 (MNA) – "Aleksandr Dugin" , the prominent Russian politician and philosopher stated that liberalism is an evil ideology, noting that Gaza genocide is a Zionist project to create the greater Israel.

Global developments are rapidly progressing which seems to be a sign of a change in the balance of power in the world and distancing from Western and American values.

The continuation of the war in Ukraine, the attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza and the unresolved challenges of the South Caucasus made a dark international atmosphere.

The West Asia is going through a devastating regional conflict. On the other hand, the tension between the US and China has not intensified yet, the competition and the change in the military balance would create a dangerous combination.

With the issues raised, the question is how the new world order is emerging.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Aleksandr Dugin, the prominent Russian politician and philosopher and adviser to the Russian President Vladimir Putin discuss the developments of the Gaza war, Russia's conditions for signing the ceasefire agreement with Ukraine, and the solution to the challenges of the South Caucasus.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, you wrote in an article that Ukrainians must understand that we are calling them to create a new and great Russian power.

Regarding this statement, are you actually pushing Russia into a wider war?

We, 3 groups of Russian people, i.e. the people of Great Russia, Little Russia (Ukraine) and White Russia (Belarus), all represent one nation, and other people from the South Caucasus and Central Asia are united through culture, civilization and geopolitical interests.

They can create a unique geopolitical space with us, otherwise they will be colonized by the West and there would be no possibility for their real independence.

The media has reported lately that Russia wants to end its operations in Ukraine. Under what conditions would the Moscow government sign a ceasefire agreement with Ukraine?

The purpose of Russia’s special military operations was to denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. So Putin just confirmed that without achieving these goals we cannot start peace talks. We are ready to do so under the condition of stooping militarism and Nazism in Ukraine. But in order to ensure that such goals are realized, we need to take control of all regions of Ukraine, and without that we cannot be sure that there will be a political change in the main part of the Kiev regime and whether Ukraine will focus on efforts to rebuild military power after peace talks.

No one knows the exact date or time of the ceasfire, but it is important to know that if Western aid to Ukraine stops today, I think that within 2 or 3 weeks ,Ukraine will be defeated because Ukraine has no potential military power.

According what you said, we can say that Ukraine and Russia are far from a ceasefire and a long way must be taken to reach a ceasefire.

Yes; Ukraine is definitely dependent on Western aid, Western money, Western weapons, and Western aid in general, and if the West continues to provide military aid to Ukraine, this (war) could drag on for a long time.

It seems that after the start of the war in Ukraine, the world order is being replaced by a different order, and in fact, a new world order is being formed. What is your analysis on that?

The existing global order is unipolar. This system was created after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and there was a type of Western unipolarity, and the Western world designed its own rules for all humanity. So this unipolar system existed for 30 years or a little more and now it is declining.

The progress of Russia, China, Islamic Resistance, including in West Asia show that we are now in the process of changing this unipolar system to a multipolar system.

It is important to mention that this is not a return to bipolarity. It is not bipolar but multipolar. Because the Western bloc, Russia and China are currently three independent poles. There are also some powerful regions such as Iran, Turkey, the Arab world, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Africa and South America.

This shows a newly emerging multipolarity.

According to what the global media say about the war in Ukraine, Russia wants to end its operation in Ukraine. Under what conditions Moscow will agree to sign a ceasefire agreement with Ukraine?

The purpose of special military operations was to de-Nazify and demilitarize Ukraine. So Putin just confirmed that without achieving these goals we cannot start peace talks. We are ready to start peace talks, but under the condition that militarism and Nazism stop in Ukraine. But in order to ensure that such goals are realized, we need to take control of all regions of Ukraine, and without that we cannot be sure that there will be a political change in the main part of the Kiev regime, and we cannot be sure that after Whether peace talks or post-peace Ukraine will focus on efforts to rebuild military power.

No one knows the exact date or time, but it is important if Western aid to Ukraine stops today. I think that within 2 weeks, at most, three weeks or a month, Ukraine will be defeated because Ukraine has no potential military power.

What do you think about the 3+3 platform? Can this platform resolve the challenges in the South Caucasus?

I think that the main condition for solving the problem in the South Caucasus is to abandon radicalism and the West, because any involvement of the United States and the European Union in this region destroys any possibility of forming an agreement and mutual understanding.

 I think that the problem in South Caucasus should be solved by the countries present in this region, i.e. Russia, Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, and without involvement of the West. So the main condition to find a way to solve this problem is to find a solution together because there are common interests in the South Caucasus.

The interests of the three major regional powers, namely Russia, Iran and Turkey intersect in this area and at the same time there are connections between each of these regional powers with the smaller countries of the South Caucasus region.

We have to solve this problem through the platform of 6 countries, i.e. 3 South Caucasus countries and 3 regional powers, without the interference of anyone else.

You called Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 US presidential election "a victory for Russia". Do you still argue that Trump's victory in the 2024 election will be a victory for Russia and if you do, what are your arguments ?

Trump shows much less intervention in American politics than liberal democrats and neoconservatives.

Like traditional conservatives, he focuses on America's domestic issues and not on its hegemonic expansion

That is why there is no serious coldness in the relations between theUS and Russia during the Trump presidency. Trump promised to stop all financial and military aid to Ukraine.

 So, if Ukraine does not receive this huge amount of aid from the US, it means that Russia will quickly win the war. Trump promised to stop it. So if Trump becomes president, I think that the Nazi regime in Kiev will fall and we will win and defeat our enemies.

But at the same time, we must understand that Trump is very anti-Islam and anti-Iranian, pro-Israel and pro-Zionist, and there may not be a conflict between the West and Russia, but there may come a time when the Islamic world will fight with the West and with Trump.

So for us, as I believe, the election of Trump indicates a good solution. But it does not mean that he will be perfect for everyone. He is very anti-Chinese and anti-Iranian. The main frontline between unipolar and multipolar can change and can be in a different region of the world, so we can't say that Trump's election is a solution for everyone.

​You have called liberalism the Essence of Satan. What do you mean by that and why are you opposed to liberalism?

Liberalism cuts off any ties to collective identity. So this is absolute individualism that tries to free the individual from any type of collective identity. So the person is placed in the center. The development of liberalism began precisely with Protestantism and the destruction of the Catholic collective identity, then the end of the state empire, the traditional state, then civil society versus the nation-state, then individualism versus gender identity, which is gender politics in the last step. From the development of liberalism, while the ideologies won in the West or on a global scale, the last step is the liberation of the individual human identity because the human identity is also collective, and if we look at this ideology from the religious point of view of Christianity or Islam, we see that this project to take human identity from Humanity has been and is an evil process. This is not just a deviation from liberalism. From the very beginning, liberalism, by placing the individual as the absolute value and the center of the universe, destroyed all possibilities for confronting the truth. This was the destruction of Christianity and the traditional spirit of worldview.

What is your view on the genocide campaign by Israel in the Gaza war? How long can Israel continue the battle?

I think that now we are looking at a big war in the West Asia between American hegemony and Islamic civilization, and we can not say what will happen after that, but the Zionists really want to destroy and blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and this is a Zionist and Apocalypse project to create a greater Israel.

The destruction and genocide in Gaza is a preparation for the creation of a greater Israel, not a two-state solution, the Zionists cynically reject this solution.

 I don't think we can stop what Israel is doing just by protesting, boycotting and opposing their actions. The only way to stop and destroy the Zionist regime must be by the hands of the Muslim population and the Islamic world, because if the Islamic civilization does not pay attention to such a genocide and such a regime and closes its eyes to the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque, I think that this It means that there is no authority whatsoever from the Islamic civilization in the world.

So I think the tragic events and genocide in Gaza is the prelude or the first stage of a much bigger war between Islam and the Western side. the war can only be successful if only all Muslims participate in it.

In the end, if there is any point or comment, you can share it with our audience?

 All events in the modern world are related to the emergence and eschatology. It is certainly clear that the Russian Orthodox circle considers modern Western civilization to be anti-Christ.

 This is in accordance with Ayatollah Khomeini's idea regarding the historical mission of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

So I think this theological religion as a precursor to modern politics is an essential element, and geopolitics is also very important.

We can understand the true meaning of world events and world change only by putting geopolitics and eschatology together. It is time to combine the geopolitical perspective with the religious dimension.

This is exactly what the modern Iranian ideology is doing. I think we should stand together in this eschatological war; Russia and Iran, Orthodox Christianity of Russia and Islam with a similar world view in geopolitics identify Satan in the West. We also need to share the religious interpretation and interpretation of the status of the West as Satan or Dajjal, which represents social deviance and religious negativities. So it is very important to join these elements and I think that Russia and Iran are on the same front and belong to the army of light which is fighting the army of darkness in the final battle.

Interview by Azar Mahdavan

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