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Israel to pay price for shedding civilians' bloods in blood

Israel to pay price for shedding civilians' bloods in blood

TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday that the Israel regime targeted civilians in south Lebanon on purpose, adding that the enemy will pay the price in blood for shedding the civilians' blood.

" One of the fundamental aspects of this resistance is the willingness of its commanders and leaders to become martyrs, often alongside their honorable families,' Nasrallah said in his speech in the ceremony in honor of Hezbollah Martyred Leaders, according to Al-Manar.

"The sacrifices made by the resistance movements are not merely emotional or reactionary; rather, they stem from a deep understanding, insight, and knowledge of their goals," he added.

"The recent Israeli massacres against civilians in the south of Lebanon were deliberate," the Hezbollah leader said, adding that "We are deeply entrenched in a real battle, and concerning the combatants, their martyrdom is an integral aspect of this struggle."

"When it comes to civilian casualties, this issue is particularly sensitive and has been present since the inception of the resistance," he continued. 

"In February 1992, the resistance formulated an equation to protect civilians, which was formally established in July 1993," Nasrallah further said. 

"We absolutely do not tolerate any harm to civilians, and it is imperative that the enemy realizes they have crossed a red line in this regard," he went on to say, adding that "Since October 7, there has been immense global pressure to prevent the southern front from opening up to support Gaza. The enemy’s tactic, through targeting civilians, is to coerce the resistance into halting its actions."

"The response to the massacre must be an escalation of resistance efforts on the front, the enemy should anticipate this response," Nasrallah underscored.

"Yesterday, we launched dozens of Katyusha rockets and several Falaq rockets at the Kiryat Shmona settlement as an initial response," he added.

"The enemy will pay the price in blood for shedding the blood of our women and children in Nabatieh, Al-Suwanah, and elsewhere," he continued.

"Both friend and foe will witness that the price for this bloodshed will be exacted in blood, not in structures, vehicles, or surveillance devices," Hezbollah leader said.

"It is essential for Americans and Zionists to understand that in Palestine, they are confronting a people who will not retreat, regardless of the sacrifices or challenges they face," he continued.

"The Lebanese resistance possesses powerful and precise missile capabilities, enabling its reach from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat," Nasrallah said.

"The Yemeni brothers have persisted in targeting American and British ships, but the focal point of the main battle remains the events unfolding in Gaza," he further asserted.

"Since 1984, there has been ongoing discourse regarding the cost, price, consequences, and sacrifices associated with resistance," according to Hezbollah leader, adding that, "In response to the American and Zionist schemes in the region, we are before two options: resistance or surrender."

"The cost of surrender is steep, perilous, exceedingly high, and critically important. Surrender in Lebanon would entail Israeli political and economic dominance over our nation," he highlighted.

"Had the Palestinian people surrendered, today Gaza, the West Bank, and even the people in the 1948 territories would all be outside the equation," Nasrallah said.

"The resistance in Palestine has pushed the Zionist entity into an existential crisis, with the pinnacle being Operation Al-Aqsa Flood," Hezbollah leader further said to praise Palestinian resistance.

"Today, in Gaza, the West Bank, southern Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and throughout the region, we must never lose sight of the truth about the costs of resistance versus the costs of surrender," he further highlighted.

"Isn’t it humiliating and a sign of weakness that countries ruling over two billion Muslims are unable to deliver medicine to the people of Gaza?" Nasrallah said to condemn Muslim rulers's inaction to starvation in the invaded Gaza Strip.

"Today, one of our responsibilities is to clarify the facts, as there has been a significant Israeli distortion of events since October 7," the Hezbollah leader asserted.

"The Israeli media attempted to portray the resistance and Hamas on October 7 as “ISIL” in a distorted manner," Nasrallah further pointed out.

"The Israelis failed to present a single slaughtered child or raped girl to the world; instead, the settlers who were killed were actually victims of Israeli army fire," continued Nasrallah.

"Many believed in the Israeli historical falsification regarding October 7, including countries that claim to be friends with the Hamas movement," he added.

"The greatest hypocrisy the world is witnessing today is the American administration’s stance on the events unfolding in Gaza," further asserted the leader of the Hezbollah Resistance movement.

"Israeli funds, weapons, missiles, and artillery shells currently originate from Washington; if the United States halts the air bridge to ‘Israel’, the aggression against Gaza will cease," he further noted.

"The US is more adamant about the goal of eliminating Hamas than ‘Israel’ itself," he went on to highlight, adding that,"The American administration bears responsibility for every drop of blood shed in the region, while Israeli officials serve as mere instruments of implementation."

"The Israeli goal was to displace Palestinians from occupied Palestine, relocating the people of the West Bank to Jordan, those of Gaza to Egypt, and those of the 1980s to Lebanon," he added.

"Operation Al-Aqsa Flood exposed this long-standing Israeli objective of establishing a purely Jewish state extending from the sea to the river," Nasrrlah further said.

"The project of establishing a purely Jewish state not only targets Palestinians but also poses a threat to Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon," he further asserted.

" In memory of our martyred leaders, we reaffirm the efficacy of popular resistance as a viable option," Hezbollah leader continued.

"We call for the Lebanese army to be a strong and capable force, but it is America that hinders its strength," again noted Nasrallah. 

"No matter how we articulate or elucidate, our words cannot fully capture the legendary resistance and steadfastness of the people in Gaza; this serves as a testament to the effectiveness of popular resistance," he continued, adding that, "In a country like Lebanon, we must now more than ever hold onto the resistance, its weapons, and its capabilities; this is what works, what deters and frightens the enemy, and this is the strength of popular resistance."

"Our objective is to impose the highest possible material and human losses on the enemy, compelling them to admit defeat and withdraw," said Nasrallah, adding that, "Our aim is the resilience of the resistance, the endurance of the people of Gaza, and the steadfastness of our supporting fronts, be it through field military support or political and logistical backing."

"The Palestinian factions that delegated Hamas are primarily responsible for political negotiations, and we do not interfere in their negotiation process," he added.

"All military and logistical support is directed towards Hamas and the Palestinian resistance, symbolizing the fronts of the Resistance Axis," he asserted.

"Neither Hezbollah, the Amal Movement, nor any other participating faction on the front has discussed the imposition of a president or amendments to the quotas or political system in the current context of the ongoing battle," he further said about Lebanon domestic politics.

"The matter of resistance transcends these political considerations, as it pertains to the defense of Lebanon, the south, our people, and their dignity," he continued.

"The purpose of the resistance weapon is not to alter the political system, the constitution, or the system of government, nor is it to impose new sectarian quotas in Lebanon," the Hezbollah leader further said.

"Lebanon’s land borders have been delineated, and any negotiations will be based on the principle of “Get out of our Land”", Nasrallah concluded.


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