TEHRAN, Nov. 20 (MNA) -- The United States is using the concept of human rights as a pretext to block the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Kuwaiti analyst Ameneh al-Musavi said on Monday.

On November 5, an Iraqi court sentenced Saddam and two other senior members of his regime to death by hanging for ordering the execution of nearly 150 Shias from Dujail after an assassination attempt on Saddam in 1982.


Saddam’s trial is a part of the comprehensive U.S. plot against the entire Middle East and is in fact a tool meant to portray the U.S. as a supporter of democracy, Musavi told the Mehr News Agency.


“In the past, the U.S. turned a blind eye to Saddam’s crimes, and he was its agent in the region,” she said.


Saudi Arabia trying to block execution of Saddam: Al Khalij


The Al Khalij newspaper reported on Monday that Saudi Arabia is trying to force the Arab League to pass a resolution requesting that the Iraqi administration commute Saddam’s sentence.


Saudi Arabian Deputy Foreign Minister Nazar Obeid Madani, who headed the Saudi delegation to the recent Arab foreign ministers meeting in Egypt, presented the proposal, the newspaper said.


Bahrain agreed with Saudi Arabia’s proposal but it surprised most of the other Arab foreign ministers attending the meeting.


Egyptian analyst Ahmad al-Khamisi told MNA on Monday, “By holding Saddam’s trial, the U.S. is seeking to make up for its failures in Iraq.”


The most insidious U.S.-Zionist conspiracy is the plot to undermine the national unity of Iraq and gain control of the country’s wealth, he added.


Saddam’s death sentence could be related to U.S. mid-term elections because they were so close in time, he stated.


“They will enforce the sentence so that George W. Bush can claim that his democracy and freedom has won in the world,” he added.


The Saddam verdict is not a tool for pressuring Arab officials because they have been subordinate to the U.S. for years, he noted.





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