All You Should Know About Persian Food

TEHRAN, Jul. 15 (MNA) – Iranian cuisine and Persian food are things that even visitors love to try and taste. When we say Persian food, we say Persian because Iran was initially known as Persian, and hence the name comes from there.

In Iranian food, you will mainly notice that the cuisine is a combination of rice and meat, vegetables, and nuts. It should be noted that herbs are used as well but frequently with fruits such as plums, prunes, quince, apricots, and finally, raisins.

Typical Iranian food and drinks are kebabs that are served either with rice or even bread. A dish along with chelow that is white rice with kebab is known popularly as chelow kebab, and you can find it anywhere in Iran easily.

The Most Well Known Persian Foods Worth Trying

While you visit Iran for any reason, do make sure you try the person's food as it will leave your mouth open, and the taste will last in your mouth for an extended period.

You will not regret trying the Persian food as they are the best. Some well-known dishes start from aubergine dips to sabzi polo and even a host of khoreshts or the same stews.  The origin of Persian food and cuisine is very complex due to its past.

Looking at Iran today, we can say that food plays a vital role for the people living there. Some of the tasty Persian foods worth trying are mentioned below, such as:

All You Should Know About Persian Food

Mirza Ghasemi

It is known as Mirza Ghasemi or Mirza Qassemi both. Excellent Persian food or even an appetizer that is based on the grilled aubergine or the tandoori one. In simple words, it can be called the person eggplant dip.

You will find Mirza ghasemi prepared as a casserole dish that is seasoned with tomato, garlic, and oil. There is a different variant made with zucchini instead of eggplant, and it is known as kadoo ghasemi in Iran.

The history behind Mirza ghasemi goes way back to Mohammad Qasim Khan, the governor of the province of Right during Nasser al-Din Shah. So it was named after the governor and stayed so till today after him. You can find Mirza Ghasemi recipe here.


Tahchin is also considered to be a rice cake due to its cake-like shape. It is an Iranian food that consists of rice and yogurt, saffron, and eggs mixed. Chicken fillets are also added often based on the choice and preferences of the consumers, along with some vegetables and usually red meat as well.

The difference between tahdig and tah chin is that tahdig is crispy, and it is not a meal on its own alone, but tah chin is a complete meal itself, and it can be served along with chicken or meat as well. You can find Tahchin recipe here.

Kashk Bademjan

An excellent, mouthwatering Persian food. Kashk Bademjan or the person aubergine or the eggplant dip is basically a great appetizer that is enjoyed with the type of bread we call sangak.

Know the difference between the kashk and the yogurt. Kashk is considered to be the word that is used for the yogurt that is strained, and it can be purchased readily from Iranian markets. So it has a sour and salty taste and not like regular yogurt. Know the difference if you are trying to buy kashk and not yogurt.

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh

If you translate this Persian food, it will men the barberry rice along with the chicken. This tasty Persian food is mainly enjoyed during family gatherings and get-togethers.

Zereshk or the barberries are basically grown in the eastern parts of Iran, and they are very tangy, and hence they are often mixed with sugar while they are cocked. You can even add salt to give it a sour taste.

On the other hand, the morgh in this case, the chicken, is cooked nicely in saffron and tomato sauce. You can serve the zereshk along with the chicken or serve it with rice. It is highly optional.

Khoreshte Fesenjan

This unique Iranian food is very iconic, and it is a stew that goes well in bold flavors and can deliver a taste like nothing else. This stew is made with ground walnuts as well as the molasses of the pomegranates.

Fesenjan, or locally called fesenjoon is a thick and, at the same time, creamy sauce, a dark brown, and a nutty sweet and sour taste. It will vary according to the molasses you use.

All You Should Know About Persian Food

Rice and The Tahdig

You cannot call this a dish alone, and it usually is eaten along with something else. Tahdig is an integral part of Persian food and the majority of the meals.  The crispy layer is golden in a color that sits right at the lower part of the pan. Big and small. Still, they fight over tahdigs in some families.

Sabzi Polo

Another fantastic and tasty Iranian food is the sabzi polo. Roughly we can translate this dish as herbed rice as the word sabzi refers to green herbs, and polo is the rice.

Sabzi polo is best enjoyed with tasty fish, but it depends on which part of Iran you are in.

Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche

Tasty rice prepares with broad beans, saffron as well as dill. This unique Persian food is served best with succulents, and the machine is known as the lamb shank.

Ghorme Sabzi

It is a stew type of Persian food that we call khoreshte ghorme sabzi. It is a slow-cooked stew that is made with beans, herbs, along with chunks of lamb. Ghorme sabzi is served in all houses and restaurants as it is a dish loved by all.

Ghorme sabzi, on the other hand, is known to be a Persian dish that is very healthy. This unique, tasty dish has vitamins, calcium, folate, and, last but not least, magnesium. It has the potential to increase appetite and can even make the immune system stronger.

Iranian foods are unique in their ways, but what is expected in all of them is the excellent taste and the love for the Iranian dishes. If you are a fan of Iranian food, you can easily find their recipes online and prepare them at home.

Persian foods speak about taste and different flavors, which makes them unique in their ways.

Lastly, if you make these Persian food recipes be sure to find more recipes on yummynotes. Yummynotes is a food blog that features all creative, healthy, delicious and easy recipes from all over the world.

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