Dr. Feily among top 30 in world according to CrunchBase

TEHRAN, Jun. 20 (MNA) – Dr. Amir Feily, a dermatologist and researcher is now known for his amazing results in hair transplants and laser treatment, especially in melasma laser and all kinds of scars such as truma and acne scar.

Studying the biographies of successful people will remind us that they have all made many mistakes. This is not a defect, but it is considered a natural step for improvement. Many lessons can be learned from these mistakes, however, this will only be possible if we have an adequate risk-taking spirit. In addition, the world is now changing at an astonishing rate.

Regarding these circumstances, we will be losers if we do not progress along with this process. That is why it is said that successful people can change at any level and stage and are not even afraid of making huge changes, however it is necessary to have a regular timing in this regard so that our actions completely are performed at the right time. To be successful, we must not always try to change others and accept the fact that it is only possible to change ourselves.

Only a small portion of people in any society are successful. That's why you should not think that a lifestyle is quite right because so many people adhere to it. In this regard, if we want to succeed, we need to act like them and not be afraid to be different from those around us or even members of our community. In addition, if we want to utilize useful knowledge and information only for a while and then leave them, it is the worst mistake that can be made about dealing with information and data. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a resource for collecting and storing information in our specialized work and to have the background for further growth by frequent updates. One of the platforms that can be very effective in introducing successful people and their business to people around the world is the “Crunchbase” website.

In this site, business information about influential people, private and public companies are classified and found, and obviously, the reason for the remarkable credibility of this site among the world's leading business sources is considering the high level of qualification for selecting international individuals and institutions.

Based on this, we are proud that the name of the famous Iranian physician Dr. Amir Feily, who was recently among the top 50 people on this site, was also ranked 30th on the site and is now ranked 27th in the world on the “CrunchBase” website.

Dr. Amir Feily is a dermatologist and researcher at the Dermatology and Stem Cell Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran. He is now known for his amazing results in hair transplants and laser treatment, especially in melasma laser and all kinds of scars such as truma and acne scar. He is good to be exemplified as a risk-taker who has looked outside his bubble and has been able to invent many new methods in medicine, Dermatology, hair care, and beauty by standing against harsh conditions.

By improving himself and adapting to the current technological community and using the most up-to-date resources in the world, he has been able to be well-known in the international community and be ranked as 27th by the “CrunchBase” website. Stepping out of his comfort zone and acting against the medical community’s wishes is a difficult and stressful task that this young Iranian physician has passed well and also, he has introduced innovative and powerful works to the whole world. What he has done recalls this sentence from Mahatma Gandhi who said: first you are ignored, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, but eventually you win.

Dr. Feily has written hundreds of scientific papers in the fields of medicine, Dermatology, hair care, and pharmacology, and every year he attracts many patients to his clinic in Iran and Oman. He is one of the honored physicians of Iran in the field of medicine.

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