Promoting economic resilience axis of all gov’t efforts

TEHRAN, Aug. 23 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that promoting economic resilience and implementing resistive economy policies have been the axis of all activities and efforts of the government.

Speaking on Sunday in a video conference in the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Rouhani described "promoting economic resilience and implementing the policies of the resistive economy” as one of the most important and main guidelines of the Leader and said, "In this regard, promoting economic resilience and implementing resistive economy policies have been the axis of all activities and efforts of the government."

Referring to the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the Islamic Republic of Iran since the end of last year, Rouhani said, "Before the outbreak of coronavirus, the country had faced two other serious external shocks during this government. One was the fall in oil prices in early mid-2014 and the other was the tough US sanctions since 2018,” according to the President's press service. 

"Although the fall in oil prices, and especially the unprecedented and oppressive US sanctions, created problems for the people, in the face of these problems, the government managed the country well. And using the experience of successfully dealing with these two shocks, it was also able to manage the country well in dealing with problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic."

Rouhani pointed out, "While the economy of many major countries in the world shrank by 20%, the Iranian economy was damaged by only 3% in the face of the problems caused by coronavirus outbreak, which is a sign of the government's ability to withstand this problem and manage it."

Iranian President continued, "Of course, the government had already decreased the budget reliance on oil to 9.9 percent in 2019, in line with Your Excellency's emphasis on reducing the budget's reliance on oil, which has become even lower this year."

Explaining the achievements of the government and hope in the last 7 years, Rouhani said, "While the outbreak of coronavirus in all countries has increased unemployment, in Iran during the period we have faced the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment has decreased by 1.1 percent in total. This achievement has not been achieved by itself, but has been achieved through the efforts of the government in the past years under the guidance of Your Excellency."

The President referred to the doubling of hospital beds during the period of this government compared to all previous governments after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, adding, "Despite many economic problems, the government has made a great transformation in the health and treatment sector of the country, which has resulted in a lower number of coronavirus deaths in our country compared to many other developed countries."

The President described the increase in the number of active knowledge-based companies in the country from 55 to 5,200 companies during the government as another important achievement.

Rouhani pointed out that the government of 'prudence and hope' was the only government that started its activities after the Revolution in the conditions of severe inflation, but shortly reduced the inflation rate and made it single digit for the first time in 26 years.

The President stated, "In the last 7 years, the country's production in the petrochemical and steel industry has almost doubled and the country's revenues from petrochemical exports increased from $11 billion to $25 billion."

Stating that 4.5 million housing units have been built over the past seven years, the President said, "While in the previous government, only 775,000 Mehr housing units were put into operation, in this government, more than 1.3 million Mehr housing units have been completed and put into operation."

Referring to the government's measures to develop ports and other infrastructure needed to boost production, the president said, "During this government’s term, more than 1,700 kilometers of railways and 10,000 kilometers of roads have been built."

The President added, "The coverage of the electricity network in the country has exceeded almost 99% and 32,000 villages have benefited from broadband communication facilities and significant services have been provided in the field of health and rural roads."

Referring to the government's efforts to enforce the rights of the Iranian people in the international field, Rouhani stated, "Today, successful steps have been taken in the exploitation of joint gas and oil fields and the organization of border waters, and in two important legal disputes with the United States, we have won the trial in The Hague, and in addition to canceling UN Security Council resolutions against the Islamic Republic, we have been able to close the PMD case."


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