'Zionist regime alive by making crises, violating intl. laws'

TEHRAN, Jul. 26 (MNA) – Iran's Ambassador to Sweden Ahmad Masoumifar believes that the Zionist regime's survival relies on making crises as well as violating the international regulations and legal rights of other countries.

The newly-appointed Ambassador's remarks came in reaction to those of the Zionist regime's ambassador who said the time is now ripe to reinforce the pressures and sanctions on Iran.

In an article published in a Swedish daily, titled as 'A violent and occupier regime cannot advise others', Masoumifar called for the European countries to stop their negotiations with Iran under the present conditions for the enemy abuses the situation as an opportunity to intensify its invasive policies. 

"Iran nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, has been an important achievement in the history of multilateral diplomacy and also a model of a diplomatic solution to an old political dispute," he wrote.

"The majority of the international community agreed to support it, while the European Union and the Swedish government were among its supporters, too," he added.

"The only opponents of this agreement were the irrational administrations of Donald Trump and Netanyahu, the leader of the oldest and only occupying regime in the Middle East," Masoumifar continued.

"The occupier regime's ambassador is now advising the Swedish and European governments to act irrationally and destroy an agreement that has cost a great deal of international, legal, technical, and political capital."

"Some regimes, including the Zionist regime, can stay alive via making crises and violating the international regulations and legal rights of other countries," the Iranian ambassador said. 

"Isolating a nation is an inhumane method that has been used for several years against the residents of Gaza (the world's largest open prison with two million prisoners), now it is recommended to Europe to use the same method against the 80-million-nation of Iran," he said.

"It is understandable why spreading hatred against Iranians has increased recently," he noted, "It is an old way of distracting the public opinion to carry out a dirty project."


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