Jul 27, 2019, 2:59 PM

By: Reza Sharifi

The Key to Progress!

The Key to Progress!

TEHRAN, Jul. 27 (MNA) – The key fact supporting investment is the presence of “Secure Economy”.

The human modern society including modern capitalistic economy implies some rules based on its nature. These rules simply come into existence for keeping a competitive environment to let all types of talents and creativities advance and force science and technology to move forward. Actually, the key feature of such a system is “competitiveness”, the characteristic that shape the human modern society in all aspects!

As a fact, universities play unbeatable role toward developments. But, this key role cannot be implemented using weak and impractical university-based system. Consequently, the question is what makes academic centers powerful and pragmatic. The answer comes from the nature of Capitalism and what forces such a system to move forward!

According to the principles of market-based economy, powerful competitive industries require new researches conducted day by day to help them surviving in dealing with progressive needs of modern human being motivated in context of the system! Additionally, powerful and pragmatic academic centers can help industries continue inside a competitive environment; but how? Progressive industries can push universities acting just like their research centers and force them by financing them to hit cutting edges of every aspects of sciences and technologies!

Too, the progressive industries require financial investments. To explain more, market-based economy is the key fact behind competitiveness in Capitalism. This means industries demand investments, or better to say, private funding to make and hold them strong and progressive in dealing with their rivals.

Of course, governments can facilitate the situation to attract these funds; but, they normally should not engage directly in industries’ management or invest directly to move them forward!

The past experience of Human in the communist societies during 20th century reveals the fact that government-dependent industries cannot be satisfying and successful due to Human nature! Moreover, they cannot even survive within the global competitive environment nowadays. So, the path to progress has to include “private competitive market” concept.

Consequently, the question raised regarding the powerful economy and its essential requirement, financial investment, is what makes such a funding sound rational and practical. The answer is obvious according to market-based economy experts. The key fact supporting investment is the presence of “Secure Economy”.

In other words, financial investments cannot be implemented unless there is security and this key factor is derived from two important parameters. To explain more, according to the market-based economy authorities, security for investment cannot be guaranteed except two critical factors guaranteed, stable rules and regulations (which have to be practical) plus incisive authority to apply such rules and regulations! These two factors imply a lawful stable regime beside its independent and dependable judiciary system.       

Human experiences reveal the fact that trustable governing system cannot exist in a modern society unless “Democracy” is respected, properly! In other words, the only way to acquire dependability within a system or a regime is democracy, of course, based on the society culture and religion.

As the main result, a progressive political system providing democracy is the main perquisite required to achieve strong and prosperous industries, high-standard universities and consequently progressive culture within the society as a whole!    

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