Only Resistance can solve Palestinian crisis: German analyst

TEHRAN, Nov. 27 (MNA) – Jürgen Graßmann, the independent analyst from Germany, said that the only solution for the Palestinian crisis is resistance.

Grabmann made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Mehr News Agency on Monday on the sideline of the 32nd Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran. The three-day conference wrapped up on Monday night.

Here is the full text of the interview:

What do you think of this conference and how do you evaluate the measures adopted by Iran for uniting Muslim states?

It is essentially important to bring all the Muslim countries together to create a resistance against Zionism and against battles in this world. Bringing Islamic countries together needs a special strategy. It is very important to know that Iran is the only country in the world which is seriously interested in the matter. The other governments are not interested at all. Some people come, just get their money and go. But without the help of Iran and Velayat-e Faqih [Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist], you will not succeed, and even other countries will not succeed. So they have to understand that Iran stands top regarding its foreign policy – no matter you can criticize Iran for its internal policies. So they have to follow this and we have to follow the Velayat. Even if you are not Shia, you need the control and leadership of Velayat to wake up all the people, how we make an active strategy. Just talking about revolutions is not enough, you have to be active. That is good when we come here all together and there is a chance inshallah, I’m sure.

What are the main barriers in this route to achieve unity?

Sorry to say that, it is the brainwashed people. It is what taught years before. I’m a specialist for Islam even if I cannot speak Arabic but you have to understand Islam in its essence. The essence is ahlul-bayt which is a present. Even now you have Velayat, it is a diamond. Even Iran does not know. If you lose this diamond, you lose everything. So the main problem is that they have to understand to follow Islam in the path of ahlul-bayt. If you don’t understand this, you can be professors or doctors, but you will not succeed. So that is our work to teach and we need to do something politically together to change their mind to follow Islam in the right way of ahlul-bayt.

Regarding the issue of Palestine, what is the ultimate solution for this crisis?  

We have to find a strategy together because, in Palestine, it is 70 years that they are fighting beside the Arab armies and now you see Palestine is nothing, they only have 10 percent of their own country. They have not the right leader. In German, we say that the problem is the head. That’s why its 70 years that they cannot succeed because are not dealing with it right. If you follow ahlul-bayt, you cannot lose.

Do you think that referendum is a solution for Palestine or just resistance can solve this?

Only resistance can solve this. With peace, you cannot get it. They will not allow making a Palestinian country. My theory is that Palestine, Mecca, Medina belong to Muslims, no matter what and where it is. So if you do not fight for it together, you cannot get it. They are losing for 70 years even when Imam Khomeini created this Islamic Revolution. You have to fight for your rights. Otherwise, they will not give it free, never.

Interview by Mohammad Ali Haqshenas

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