Turkey’s future after recent elections

TEHRAN, Jul. 09 (MNA) –Erdogan managed to win the latest election in Turkey preserving his position at the top once again while his new presidential term is of prime importance as he is given more power through the new Constitution.  

The latest presdiential election in Turkey is of prime importance as the changes made in Turkey’s Constitution has given a vaster juerisdiction to the new president to be stronger than ever in controling this country.

Hense, after the results of the election were announced it was known to everybody that Recep Tayyip Erdogan had managed to win the first plcae ahead of all his competitotrs with the majority of votes as the president of modern Turkey.

Touching the same subject from a closer perspective, we held an interview with Nazmi Pinar, a journalist and the board member of Turkey’s Confederation of Journalsits.

Despite some expectations that the presdiential election in Turkey would have a run-off round, Erdogan won the first ballot. What, to your mind, led to Erdogan’s first round victory?

As you referred yourself, having ballotage was just a speculation which was used by some groups and parties as means of psychological warefare but realistic polls all showed what will happen.

Erdogan and his companians were well aware of this fact and even the reason for holding the election more than a year early; to foil the political ploy of some countries which were trying to make changes in the political system of Turkey. In fact, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was very assured from the very begining that he would be the winner.

What are the expected changes in the political arena and power equations in Turkey after the election?

I believe that we will have a much stronger Turkey after the elcetion and the Justice and Development Party (AK) will continue its intra-party reforms and reshufflings which were initiated from 2 years ago but the more serious changes will occur in opposition side.

While different political classes are busy reconstructing themselves, the economic success of Erdogan will get the same 50% percent of people who did not vote for him inclined to Erdogan.

Now that Erdogan has won the presidential race, how he will deal with problems like the issue of Kurds, the war on terrorism, and Turkey’s membership in the European Union.

This is not the first time that Erdogan succeeds in an election. He will continuie his path with much more assurance with the power derived from the public vote.

To take the issue of Kurds and the issue of fighting terroirsm in Turkey as things of similar subject is a mistake. Certainly, there is no problem with fellow countrymen of Kurdish origin who believe in the official establishment of Turkey. But fighting against people and groups which have been decieved by the Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK  to cooperate with them will be continued in a harsher way.

Joing the European Union is of prime importance to Turkey. This issue and resolving the problems surronding it will be the focus of endevours in this tenur, however, I have to highlight that Turkey will strongly reiterate its stances on joing the union.

How will be the balance and relation between the parliament and Erdogan in the political arena of Turkey in the modern edition of  this country?

Undoubtedly, the new parliament will be in full harmony with Erdogan. About this issue it should be reminded that the presence and support offered by the Nationalist Movement Party is of high importance.

From a perspective of influence on the future of Turkey, this party has gained a postion of high responsibility using a good opportunty in the recent election of Turkey.

Considering the particular results returned in the recent election in Turkey, how will Turkey follow its regional policies now that it is garnering a new strategic position?

For sure, the political and geographic status of Turkety has always had a strategic importance. A country which enjoys having a powerful and integrated internal leadership will sure be successful in foreign policy. Since now, a new era of strategic cooperation begins under a Turkey which is able to recognize between friend and foe. To me, unity among Muslim countries is impossbile without Turkey’s contribution.

Interview by Kamran Ghaderi Azar and Yasser Nazifi Gilavan

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