'Legitimate Deterrence' narrates 60 years of Iran’s nuclear history, diplomacy

TEHRAN, Nov. 07 (MNA) – 'Legitimate Deterrence', a 3-volume book focusing on Iran’s nuclear program, has entered the book market.

Written by former Chief Correspondent of The Associated Press Ali Akbar Dareini, 'Legitimate Deterrence' has been published in English. It contains over 1,600 pages, more than 1,100 pages in writing and about 500 pages in color pictures.

This book is a documented account of 60 years of Iran’s nuclear history and diplomacy with a particular emphasis on the last 15 years since Iran’s key nuclear facilities of Natanz and Arak were preemptively exposed in August 2002.

'Legitimate Deterrence' is a book that reveals how Iran obtained nuclear technology, despite all legitimate paths to buy equipment publicly were blocked by Western governments one after the other, to master uranium enrichment and take its nuclear program to an advanced stage short of weaponization.

It explains that Iran’s nuclear program was not aimed at building atomic bombs but it was aimed at elevating Iran’s international standing, boost its prestige and win regional and global recognition, attention and respect without violating its obligations under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). In short, it says Iran acquired nuclear material for leverage, not actually detonate a weapon.

This book elaborates on how Iran used its uranium enrichment technology, and its stockpile of enriched uranium, as potent bargaining chip in negotiations with world powers to force the United States and its Western allies into concessions and reaching a grand bargain.

As suggested by the title, 'Legitimate Deterrence' says Iran’s nuclear strategy was meant to create a breakout capability to serve as a credible deterrent without building an atomic bomb and enhance its national security without violating Iran's commitments under the NPT. 

This book also reveals some thrilling stories from inside Iran’s atomic riddle that have never been told before, including the overt and covert cat and mouse games played between Iran and the West in the ever-intensifying nuclear dispute before reaching a historic deal with world powers in 2015.

The book also covers the post-JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) developments and America’s new anti-Iran strategy under President Donald Trump.


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