Dehghan dismisses Mattis’ remarks as ‘baseless delirium’

TEHRAN, Jul. 12 (MNA) – Iranian Defense Minister Dehghan has dismissed his US counterpart’s ‘meddlesome and disgraceful’ remarks against the country as nothing but “delirious talks of an ill, feverish person”.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan also stressed that Jim Mattis’s remarks on “regime change” in Iran also run counter to all principles of the international law.

“Instead of making decisions for other nations, the US defense secretary and governing body had better think about ways to solve their country’s internal issues and study their root causes,” Dehghan said on Tuesday, adding that such domestic issues would most probably lead to the collapse of the current US government in the near future and pose numerous and serious challenges to the country’s political system.

He went on to add, “the arrogant and bullying nature of people such as the US defense secretary and their indifference to the power of nations and ignorance of historical facts have deprived them of their common sense.”

Dehghan’s remarks came in reaction to the recent comments by Jim Mattis at Mercer Island High School student newspaper in Seattle, in which the US defense secretary tried to portray that there was a gap between the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic establishment.

Also in June, US secretary of state Rex Tillerson while addressing the country’s House of Representatives, talked about plans for transition of Iranian government..


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