Palestine, sole unifying issue of Muslim World: MP

TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – Iranian MP Jalali addressed the prayers in Tehran before the main sermons of Tehran Friday Prayers to comment on the politics of the region.

“This conference is aimed to concentrate the minds to the issue of Palestine as the sole issue unifying the Islamic World,” said Kazem Jalali, the Iranian MP who also serves as the Spokesperson of the 6th International Conference on Supporting the Palestinians’ Intifada, before the main sermon of Tehran Friday Prayers be delivered by the leader of the event on Friday at Tehran’s Grand Musalla.

The Iranian MP from Shahroud and Miami constituency and Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) told the prayers that the event is scheduled to open on February 21 and wrap up the day after. The Iranian Parliament is the main sponsor of the event.

“We are faced, today, with both bitter facts and opportunities in the region,” asserted the senior MP. “Unfortunately, the west of Asia, as the birthplace of the Islamic World, home to all religious venues of Islam, and the main resident of the majority of world’s Muslims, is in a chaotic situation.”

The MP regretted that the Islamic world is today troubled with one of the most tragic domestic quarrels of its history victimizing mainly the defenseless Muslims. “However, the statesmen of the Islamic world are whether turning blind eye to it or supporting it which itself has led to harmful bloc-formation in the Islamic world giving way to the intervention of the world’s powers to the region.”  

“The arrogant are trying to frame the current terrorism, violent, and bloodshed in the region, as the reality of Islam, using their heavy propaganda of their media arsenal and create a strong wave of Islamophobia,” lamented the Iranian lawmaker. “The arrogant, on one side, tries to introduce Iran, the real pioneer of real Islam as the supporter of terrorism and creator of the current situation; while in reality the Zionist regime is the real creator of the current situation.”

“Now the question is why the Zionist regime supports Al-Nusra front so much and treats the wounded of the terrorist group in its hospitals. The officials of the regime visit the wounded of Al-Nusra front at their hospitals.”

The Iranian legislator then referred to the points made by Iran’s Leader that the Israeli regime is after forging fake threats in the Islamic world to distract attentions from the real treat of Israel and the unifying issue of Palestine.

“The Zionists are instilling their ideas at three levels in the Islamic world. The first level is that, ‘hey, the Islamic countries, you are threatened directly, so take care of your security.’ the terrors and assassinations happening in the countries of the region like Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria are based on this idea.”

Jalali asserted that keeping Islamic countries busy with new threats of diverse variety with challenging national interests and expediency of the Islamic countries is the second way to make the issue of Palestine forgotten.

“The third step in their plot is to make Islamic organizations and entities useless. The venues which should be devoted to examine the issue of Palestine become a place for regional quarrels while all of us know that the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was founded in 1969 after the al-Aqsa fire.”  


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