Iran to remain ‘unperturbed’ by US election results

TEHRAN, Nov. 16 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said Iran would not lament or celebrate presidential election result in the US, and would prepare for any possible upcoming events.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received a meeting of large group of people from Isfahan province in anniversary of burial of 370 Sacred Defense martyrs on 1982 on Wednesday, where he criticized what he believed the elite of the politicians and non-politicians in the ranks and files of the system who would readily lured to the subterfuge of the enemies without further examination of the situation. Leader’s accolade came for the average public however who enjoy laudable understanding of the situation and would not easily given to the empty propaganda.

Leader believed that the authorities should be alert to the enemies’ plots, should boost solidarity; “the general trend should be adherence to the Resistance Economy policies to keep the nation in the straight path to technological advancement; the enemy has targeted the economy, assuming that it is the Achilles’ hill of the country,” he told the meeting.

On US elections, Leader believed that the presidential campaign trail promises in the US had lured some of our domestic optimists who see the salvation in their imagined promised land; "the president-elect severely criticized the futile wars the Americans fought in the Middle East, and that the money squandered should be reinvested in improvement of the domestic economy; such remarks would be attractive to the same optimist camp,” he emphasized. “The reality is drastically different than what the propaganda represents of the US inside; poverty, underrepresentation, and misrepresentation hit the larger forgotten communities within the US, while subsequent administrations invested tax-payer money in wars inglorious and unwelcome by the common folk at home and devastated national economies and infrastructures abroad in the Middle East and North Africa.”

“The realities have all been well spoken during the presidential campaign; however, some inside the country would balk at the idea of coming to terms with them as facts; the same party would take relief in closing their eyes and not beholding the realities,” he criticized.

Ayatollah Khamenei sent clear messages to whom be dubbed as optimists as well as to the US establishment; “we would not show histrionics about the US election results; nor we rejoice the election of one or the other candidate, since American governments had been thinking evil of Iran and the nation; we also will be prepared for any event when the new administration assumes position; the important matter now is to hold the center inside and brace for situations where we should bravely face the issues in consolidating the foundations of the country including national unity; such difficult situations are means to test our weaknesses and to seek ways to convert them to points of strength,” he suggested.


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