Hillary Clinton ‘completely loyal to Israel’

TEHRAN, Oct. 23 (MNA) – A former Congressman from Kansas has predicted Hillary Clinton would go on with JCPOA as a win-win deal after her probable winning the elections in a close Electoral College count.

James Charles Slattery, former Democrat Congressman, provided some enlightenments as to recent videos showing Trump’s vulgar language about women, which declined his popularity to Mehdi Zolfaghari of Mehr News International Service in an interview, where he believed that it was quite surprising that Trump had still been as competitive as he was in the election given his outrageous statements on a number of issues and his ignorant and defamatory comments on women.  

Just ahead of Super Tuesday, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as Democrats and Republicans nominees, are now making a breathtaking competition to grab votes of yet undecided voters, so seldom would they have opportunity to help attacking each other whatsoever.

In such a competitive situation, airing some videos of Trump’s outrageous statements on a number of issues and his ignorant insulting comments about women is faced with different reactions, revealing  not only some of Trump’s personality features, but also serving as a pretext for Clinton to misuse the videos and comments against her Republican rival.

In response to the question about the reason why Trump was still deemed as a powerful competitor for Clinton despite his remarks on women, Slattery said that Turmp’s position was a reflection of how unpopular Hillary Clinton was. “I have never seen in my lifetime two candidates who have such high disapproval rates.”

He answered the question about the groups voting Trump; “there are a lot of primarily many white lower-educated men and also Trump supporters, who have blue-collar jobs that are upset about their economic status. They believe they have been ignored in politics for too long a time. They are right,” he told Mehr News, “Trump’s alleged remarks blaming the media for a coordinated action against him to distort his personality indicate that he is a strong populist who says whatever the moment requires. I still believe that Hillary will win in a close Electoral College count but that the popular vote will be clearer.”

“Some of post-election measures would be in real politics however than in the campaign trail; the US will have some hard political reconciliation work to do after the election. I believe Hillary is committed to implementing the JCPOA and understands it must be a win-win game theoretical situation. I also believe she is totally committed to the defense of Israel,” said former Congressman, “I hope Iran can provide some constructive leadership on finding a way to end violence in Syria,” was his conclusion. 

James Charles Slattery, is an American politician. He served in the US House of Representatives from 1983 to 1995 as a Democrat. He was the Democratic nominee for governor in 1994 and the Democratic candidate for US Senator in 2008.

Interview by Mehdi Zolfaghari

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