Syrians' suffering not to end through political blackmail

NEW YORK, Jul. 26 (MNA) – Syria's Permanent Envoy to the UN said that it is not possible to end the suffering of the Syrians through political blackmail, but through combating terrorism, affirming that governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey must stop the support offered to the terrorist groups which perpetrate massacres against the Syrian people.

Bashar Al-Jaafari, in a speech at UN Security Council session on the humanitarian situation in Syria on Monday, said that ending the Syrians' suffering would be through fighting terrorism seriously, similar to what the Syrian government is doing in cooperation with the Russian Federation and other friends.

"The solution is known to all which is represented by tackling the reasons behind the crisis imposed on the Syrian people," al-Jaafari said, pointing out that some sides deliberately ignore the real reason behind the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the reason behind the escape of large numbers of Syrians to regions controlled by the State, while other numbers resorted to abroad, the reason is mainly terrorism.

He stressed that terrorism is the main reason and the so-called unilateral coercive economic measures are the other one for the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Syria’s representative reiterated that the lasting solution for the crisis is fighting terrorism through the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions in full coordination and cooperation with the Syrian government far from the double standards and hypocrisy adopted by some parties in this regard.

Aleppo, during the first year and a half of the crisis has never witnessed any terrorist attack, al-Jaafari said, adding “We appealed the Council's member states to help the Syrian government put pressure on the Turkish government to seal its borders to prevent the terrorists from entering Aleppo, but nobody responded to that, which led to the entry of tens of thousands of terrorists of the so-called moderate opposition to the city.

He stressed that the Syrian government didn't close al-Kastillo road, rather it seeks to open and liberate it from the terrorists who exploit this road to prevent the humanitarian aid from entering Aleppo and Idleb as well as to prevent the entry of terrorists coming from Turkey using this road.

Al-Jaafari emphasized that not to name terrorism in its real name sends wrong signs to the terrorist groups that their terrorism is justified as long as it destroys the country’s infrastructure and institutions and depletes its material and human resources, al-Jaafari elaborated.

"Why those who perpetrate terrorist acts in Paris, Nice, Munich, Bangladesh and other cities are not called moderate armed opposition and when it comes to Syria they are called moderate? " he wondered, stressing that the Syrian government condemns all terrorist acts everywhere.

Al-Jaafari said that the terrorist organization of the so-called "Nour-Eddin al-Zinki Movement" slew the Palestinian refugee child Abdullah Issa with cold blood several days ago, decapitating him, clarifying that this terrorist organization designated by governments of some states, some of which member states in the Security Council, as a "moderate armed opposition" is being backed by these governments with funds, weapons and media coverage since the end of 2011.

He explained that this terrorist organization does not differ from other terrorist organizations, which some states like to call "moderate armed opposition" such as Jaish al-Islam, Jiash Mohammad, Liwa al-Tawheed, Showhada Badr, Liwa al-Mohajereen, Islamic Front, Jasih al-Fateh, Islamic Turkistan Federation Party, Liwa al-Sultan and others.

Al-Jaafari wondered how some member states of UNSC could claim that they carry the banner of protecting the human rights and the authority of law, yet they reject to include these organizations in the terror lists as they totally realize that this rejection constitutes a message to these groups to continue in the acts of killing and slaughtering, pointing out that this reflects the lack of seriousness of these UNSC member states in counterterrorism and their use of terrorism as a political weapon to pressure on the Syrian government .

The Senior Diplomat said that the Syrian government fulfills its constitutional duty in protecting its citizens and combating terrorism yet "We cannot handle that alone as we need your support as well as your understanding and realization of the volume of terrorism danger that we are facing in Syria, the region and the world, a danger that has started to reach your own countries."

"I firmly believe that each citizen of the states recently affected by the surge of terrorism has the right to wonder about the reason of these countries' government's overlooking the travelling of some citizens to Syria for exercising terrorist acts and then turning back to their countries to continue the same action," al-Jaafari said.

He noted that the talk on counterterrorism and the cancelation of the unilateral coercive measures lead us to the second step required for solving the humanitarian crisis, which is supporting the political solution because combating terrorism will contribute to making this solution a success, which must guarantee Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity as affirmed by UNSC relevant resolutions.

He stressed that the Syrian people will not allow transforming their country into another copy of what happened in Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan and other countries.

Al-Jaafari said that the Syrian government followed with interest the statements reported after the US Secretary of State's visit to Moscow on 15th of this month asserting the agreement between Russia and the USA on counterterrorism (ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra groups), pointing out that Syria, which stands in the frontline in combating this sweeping evil, welcomes these statements and reiterates at the same time keenness on achieving a political solution to the crisis in Syria that fulfills the aspirations of the Syrian people as it is ready to go ahead in the intra-Syrian dialogue without preconditions with the support of the UN and the International Community.

He continued to say that Syria is committed to its duties and responsibilities to alleviate the humanitarian burden on its people, pointing out that the UN and other international organizations working in Syria would not have succeeded throughout the past five years to deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrian civilians monthly without the cooperation, facilitation and protection of the Syrian government.

Al-Jaafari said that the former French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on 12/12/2012 in Morocco when they attempted to create an artificial opposition in Morocco that "the French Jihadists are doing a good job in Syria" while the former French Interior Minister, who has become the Prime Minister, said that he could not do anything to prevent the French jihadists from going to Syria, and when the "French Jihadist" terrorism rebounded in France, the French PM avenged through bombarding Menbej town, killing 164 Syrian civilians.


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