'We will liberate every inch of Syria from terrorism'

DAMASCUS, Jun. 08 (MNA) – President Bashar al-Assad said 'every inch of the Syrian territory' will be liberated from terrorism, underlining that Syria doesn't have any other option than to believe in its victory'.

During a speech to the National People's Congress President Bshar al-Assad stated "we will continue our struggle because this imposed war will not end until terrorism is eradicated from its roots wherever it is and whatever the masks it uses.”

He added that it is no longer a secret that the essence of the political process for countries that support terrorism is to undermine the essence of the concept of the motherland, which is the constitution.

Assad also said that the enemies of Syria have devised a plan using sectarian terminology, which turns the children of the same country into adversaries, and that's how the colonial powers present themselves as protectors of groups within the nation.

The president added that any political process that does not begin and end with the elimination of terrorism makes no sense, and clarified that unity is not only geographical, but includes all citizens.

He also noted that since the start of negotiations in Geneva, Syria has declared its adherence to principles and sovereignty, the homeland and the constitution.

He also emphasized the willingness of the people and the army to sacrifice themselves in defense of the country, and achieve victory over those who wish to destroy Syria and everything that represents sovereignty and independence.

In his address, he strongly criticized the regimes in the region that support and promote terrorism and use double standards, especially in the case of the Turkish government, led by Recep Tayyib Erdogan.

The Syrian president highlighted the terrorist attacks against the civilian population in Aleppo, which killed more than a hundred people and caused an inhumane siege.

The defeat of terrorism and its allies, he said, will always be achieved when there are nations like Russia, Iran and China to support the struggle of the Syrian people, with strong positions and with respect for our principles.






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