All Iranian short films in Cannes 2016

TEHRAN, Mar. 05 (MNA) – Cannes 2016 will screen 10 Iranian short films in non-competitive section in May.

The list however is not exhaustive and new films would be added to the Iranian short films with a chance of appearance in Cannes.

‘Bahar, Her Mind’ by Hassan Akhoundpour is a 25-minute drama and thriller. It relates the story of a young women who develops strong suspicions about her husband’s possible affairs with another women. In verifying her doubts, Bahar finds her doubts and scenarios developed in mind almost irresistible. She ultimately sinks into the abyss of her imagination where borders of the reality and figment of imagination are blurred.

The scenario was written by Reza Tafakor and Davoud Rahmani is director of photography. Carain Homayounfar composed the music and Hassan Akhoundpour himself edited the final video. Among the notable celebrities is Mahtab Keramati. PayaFilm produced the short film.

‘H+’ by Mohammad Reza Rezaei is a February 2016 very short 4-minute social crime which will be screened in experimental section of Cannes 2016.

‘Without Ticket’ by Saba Ghasemi is a 28-minute social drama of August 2015. Set in digital format, the film is an account of January 30th 2014 when Iranians could go to cinemas gratis.

‘Room No. 13’ by Mahdiyeh Tousi and Mehdi Oghabi is a 15-minute drama of two personality types of a physically challenged young boy, Sohrab. He suffers from the lack of physical therapy and also from severe disability to talk and walk. Ali Pouya Ghasemi, Saleh Alavizadeh, Nakisa Beheshtinejad, Reza Dashtaki, Soheil Karamyar, Mohammad Gholami, Samira Salami and Zohreh Shahmohammadi are among the cast.

“The Old Man and the Sea,’ reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway’s classic, is directed by Ali Farrashband and Mohammad Reza Goudarzi, is a very short (2 minutes) account of an old man who daydreams about fishing while sitting in a chair on a dried lake. Scenario is by directors and Massoud Ahmadi is director of photography. Shima Poursahmoddin edited the final video. The single actor of the films is Nader Shahsavari.

‘The Red Peace’ by Rahim Toufan, is bilingual Kurdish-Turkish tale of an unfulfilled love between a Syrian refugee girl and a Turkish border patrol. Syrian refugees welcomes the tryst as an opportunity to cross the border. The loved girl grapples with choosing her family and the Turkish patrol’s love when she discovers that she has been abused by his family as a means to deflect the Turkish patrol from his inherent duties.

Catherine Aslani, Hashem Qadimi, Hossein Khani and Somayyeh Toufan are among the cast. The film was set in mountainous and forest countryside of Ardebil.

'The Heritage’ by Abbas Khosrowjerdi and Manijeh Seraj is a February 2016 short 11-minute social drama. It explores man’s long-lasting quest for truth of life, death, and afterlife. Kobra Ahmadi, Edmon Ourahi, Ali Parsa, Hossein Hakimipour and Abdollah Keiqobadi are among the cast of the film.

‘The Room’ by Benyamin Haftlang is a fantasy drama set in a small room of New York sometime in the unknown past where the life of a man and a women is beset by the spirit of an unknown man who had been known by the women all those years. Yeganeh Kalhor and Arian Risbaf are the cast.

‘The Pain’ by Hasti Mahami, is a social drama. The film is account of a child who claims a man has stolen his cell phone, while his mother finds the broken device in his school bag. Father returns home with a cell phone he claims has retaken from the pickpocket. Marzieh Bouroumand, Faranak Kalantar, and Mohammad Mehdi Hosseininia are among the cast.

‘Unfortunately’ by Shahrokh Dolko is a drama of a repartee of a woman, who talks to her sister-in-law in a café about the husband who have dumped her. Atila Pesyani and Elham Korda are the notable among the cast. Cannes Film Festival 2016 will be held May 11-22.




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