Iran ‘shuns petty rivalries’ in ME

TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker has told a group of Iraqi Parliament members Islamic Republic of Iran upholds a strategic unity for Islamic world, shunning petty rivalries.

Ali Larijani met Iraqi Parliament members in Qom on Saturday evening where he said Iran had always been waging efforts to bring stability to its close neighbor Iraq; “Iraqi government is a friend and brother country; however, the country has been mired in an destructive sectarian war for which other countries are responsible; political dialogue is crucial for stabilizing internal situation inside Iraq; it is also crucial for Iran to have a secure and stable Iraq in its west,” Mr. Larijani told Iraqi Parliament members.

“Iran’s grand scheme of foreign policy favors support for all countries and we reject disnitegrationist sentiments in Iraq and Syria, seeing it as a conspiracy for the whole region; Iran also denounces the policy of fueling sectarian and ethnic rivalries. We believe enemies of Iraq have contributed to this issue instead,” Larijani emphasized. “The priority in the current volatile conditions is to fight crises posed by terrorism across the Islamic world. This unity is highly important for Iran’s regional policy.”

“Destabilizing the region would only benefit the Zionist regime; we spurn petty rivalries in the region and prefer a strategic unity for all Muslims,” Mr. Larijani reiterated. On a related bilateral issue of the quota of both countries of Arvand river water and the issue of dredging the river the hot controversial matter of 1975 agreement, Larijani said that Iran welcomed bilateral talks with Iraqi officials.

Iraqi Parliament members discussed diverse issues including regional, international, domestic and other host of issues with Iran’s Parliament Speaker. Mr. Larijani has come second only to its Principlist rival in Qom constituency. He was surprisingly cited as Reformist in recent division of political effective figures before the February 26 Parliament elections.




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