Iran to exploit gas from Turkmenistan joint field

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TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (MNA) - Pointing to exploitation of one million cubic meters of gas from Gonbadli shared field, managing director of central oil field says Iran pursues its own share in Gonbadli.

Regarding the latest gas extraction from Gonbadli gas field as one of Iran’s oil shared fileds, Salabli Karimi stated that survival and production of some oil and energy resources such as Gonbadli depended upon its energy reservoirs. “Our main goal is to keep our share of production in this gas field, currently one million cubic meter is exploited.”

Pointing to Gonbadli as one of Iran’s old fields with sweet gas operating since 1988, Karimi mentioned that some various projects were planned by National Oil Company to maintain gas production.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Mum Beigi, Technical Director of West Oil and Gas Company has recently announced new plans for drilling more wells in current year as well as establishing processing facilities.

Shared between Iran and Turkmenistan, Gonbadli joint gasfield has production capacity of 700 hundred cubic meter sweet gas daily and its outcome is transferred to Hasheminejad refinery to unedergo dehydration process in the refinery’s units especially furnaces and boilers. Currently from the total of 9 drilled wells, just three ones produce 1.1 million natural gas cubic meter in the best condition.





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