Tehran- Washington relations depend on America's approach

TEHRAN, Nov. 14 (MNA) – Iran’s Rouhani said if the US changes its policies towards the Islamic Revolution and makes apologies for previous atrocities against Iranians, the conditions will improve.

“The economic and trade relations between Iran and Italy have been perfect over the past few years with Italy being Iran’s first business partner in the European Union at certain times,” Hassan Rouhani told Italy’s Rai News 24 TV channel.

Referring to Italy’s moderate positions toward Iran, the Iranian President said, “in new developments in relations between Iran and Europe, Iran attaches a high importance to Italy and all European countries will benefit from expansion of Tehran-Rome ties.”

Rouhani noted the Iranian nation’s interest in and respect for the history and culture of Italy expressing hope that his upcoming visit to Rome will mark the starting point for further development of relations between the two countries.

The president announced the possibility for implementation of JCPOA by the end of 2015 leading to the removal of sanctions; “much remains to be done though both sides are working to prepare the ground for the implantation day which is likely to arrive by the end of the year if all administrative and operational planning get accomplished,” he asserted.

Rouhani stressed that the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iran are separate from the nuclear issues because the nuclear issue is a national matter with all Iranians looking forward to sanctions relief.

On the Syrian crisis and the role of Bashar al-Assad in the future of Syria, Rouhani said, “what matters to us at the moment is fight against terrorism and ISIL with the participation of all countries; moreover, Iran’s other priorities include restoration of stability and security in Syria as well as safe return of refugees to their homeland.”

The President further added “the future of Syria remains in the hands of the Syrian people who possess the right to decide on the fate of their country; foreign countries should not interfere with Syria’s internal affairs rather they need to provide the basis for democracy and free elections for the Syrians to choose their intended government.”

In response to a question about press freedom in Iran, Rouhani said his administration has been following the strengthening of civil rights, spreading freedom as well as providing suitable space for social activities in Iran in which the government has achieved great successes over the past two years hence the new atmosphere in universities and media.

Pointing to Iran’s view of other religions, the President said, “we totally respect all divine religions including Judaism and Christianity and in our holy book has mentioned the Jewish prophet Moses with respect and dignity; furthermore, the Jewish people have always lived freely in Iran having representatives in the parliament and holding their rituals without any problems.”

“However, a distinction needs to be made between Judaism and the Zionist policies,” said Rouhani adding “we oppose the policies of the Zionist regime in the region, the massacre of the Palestinian people as well as the brutal slaughter of children; the Iranian nation condemns these cruel policies and the America’s unilateral support of Israeli regime.”

In response to a question on whether Iran and US embassies will re-open in the two countries, the Iranian President said, “the key to the issue remains in the hands of America; if they change their policies towards Iran and make apologies to the people of Iran showing real respect towards them, the situation would change.”

“During the past 37 years, the US has committed several mistakes towards Iranians and the Islamic Revolution during the Imposed War; however, things can change upon America’s decision to pursue a fair behavior towards the Iranian nation,” he noted.




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