US seeks interaction to gain influence

TEHRAN, Sep. 2 (MNA) – Today, the US prefers interaction to confrontation as a strategy to gain influence upon Iran, said IRGC Political Deputy Brig. Gen. Rasoul Sanaei Rad.

Pointing to Leader’s comments on the necessity of banning US intervention in Iran and the Region, Sanaei Rad stated that, “the US is seeking to exploit The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a way of gaining influence upon Iran which can have multiple economic, political, and cultural aspects.”

“If we fail to be careful enough, US will immediately penetrate into our country and greed is a decisive factor for Americans to seek influence on Iran,” he added.

Underlining that today US is looking for alternative ways because confrontation has had the reverse effect, this official asserted that, “they have found that confrontation will make Iran more alert and powerful, hence their insistence on interaction with Iran.”

Referring to Iran’s success in nuclear talks, he added that, “sanctions could not bring about a gap between people and the government; though their main purpose was to cause internal rebellion and the collapse of Iran.”

Noting that sanctions failed to detach the elite from the Islamic Republic of Iran, IRGC Political Deputy said that, “they had relied on certain parameters in order to gain influence upon Iran thinking that there exists a generation gap in our country.”

“Americans thought that there exists a pro-Western stream and line of thinking which they could invest upon by empowering it; indeed the source of this false thought was greed and thanks to knowledgeable people and the support of the Leader so far they have failed in all their efforts,” continued Sanaei Rad.

Stating that Iranians have stood up to economic pressures, he further added that, “the US thinks that by negotiations they can reach their goals and set the ground for their influence upon the region.”

He also pointed to ISIL group and asserted that, “ISIL phenomenon is completely consistent with US policies and there is a trace of US in the formation of ISIL; they seek to make a gap between the Resistance Axis and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“The Leader has reminded the authorities of US influence and today the officials are fully prepared to confront this and during the negotiations it was stressed that we would only discuss nuclear issues,” concluded Sanaei Rad.

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