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Iran to send 29th convoy of destroyers to Atlantic Ocean

Iran to send 29th convoy of destroyers to Atlantic Ocean

TEHRAN, Jan. 23 (MNA) – The Commander-in-chief of the Iran’s Army Naval forces has said the Force has sent 29th convoy to the Atlantic Ocean.

Iran’s Army Naval Forces has long been in northern Indian Ocean. Last year, Iran sent 28 convoys of destroyers in an attempt to cement permanent presence in Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. The last two such missions have been dubbed as Iran’s historic marine missions who crossed Suez Canal and entered Mediterranean Sea.

Why the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean is the greatest body of water dividing Europe, Africa, and the Americas from each other. Iran’s Army Naval Forces are planning to cross this great body of water, which, if done, it would break the records of any military naval force in Iran. The Ocean averaged 3300 meters in depth, in the past has seen the heaviest sea battles, and now, it is the main venue for hegemonic powers mainly NATO forces. Thus, daring to trespass to such territories would be highly valuable in terms of NEDAJA’s (Persian acronym for Army Naval Forces) long-range missions. The ultimate destination would be Venezuela, Cuba, or Brazil, which have a powerful navy; however, the route to be taken would be quite exciting.

Where the Iranian convoy would cross?

The route leading to south of African Continent is designated route the Army Naval convoy would cross to reach the Atlantic. The route is estimated to be 25000Km. distance from highly tense environments and the available vast extend of water for Naval personnel to grasp new experiences and the fortunate lack of diplomatic barriers makes the route the optimal for reaching the South America and exploiting their priceless experiences at sea.  According to estimations by the officials, 300 people, mainly NEDAJA’s young personnel would also pass their training workshops during the voyage.

The battleship attacked by the US airstrike, now heading America

Kharg helicopter-carrying battle ship and Sabalan destroyer will navigate 25000 Km. in the sea in three months to cross the Atlantic as 29th convoy. Sabalan destroyer is the same warrior ship which was the target of an air strike by the US planes in April, 19, 1988. LASER-guided bombs destroyed larger part of the ship no one would imagine that after 21 years, it could even navigate on the sea.  Having been saved and despite crucial damage to the major mast, the Army’s expert personnel had overhauled it, mainly drawing upon indigenous technical capabilities. But this was not over yet. Sabalan was in the frontline to be optimized and enhanced, and the warrior fighters saw the end of the war on its deck. A long-range missile system, various warning systems, stealth technology, and internal aid systems and communication technologies revamped the Sabalan, rendering it totally different than the past.

Sabalan destroyer

Among the cutting-edge technology now equipping Sabalan is long-range optical tracking and surveillance system. This system is mainly designed to detect, track, and watching the mobile targets. Optical or visual system, given its different mission compared to radar systems, would operate even exposed to heavy electronic war. Some versions of this system would be locked on the targets and complement air and land defense systems. Some other thermal systems would also detect air targets approaching in 150Km range.




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