Common cultures recreation benefits all: Rouhani

TEHRAN, Dec. 28 (MNA) – Iran’s president has said Iran is the hometown for Zoroaster, the messenger of all goodness and decency, along with Islam; it has contributed to promoting Iranian culture.

Mehr News quoted President’s message from the event website as follows.
Praise be to the Lord of Life, God the Wise A worthier notion shall not arise

I, hereby, express my utmost sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 10th World Zoroastrian Congress, and wish success for all the venerable participants and diligent organizers. Such meetings are sources of pride not only for the followers of Zaratushthra, the Great, but also for Iranians and Muslims. Wherever the Essence of Religion- which is similar for all divine religions- is respected and wherever the intercultural and intra-civilization communalities are recreated, all can benefit.

The Holy Quran- the Scriptures of us, the Muslims- invites all "Believers" - To convene and uphold their Common Beliefs which states not to worship any entity except The One and The Only God, and never anything in parallel with Him, and never get confused  by believing in anything else  in the place of Almighty God.

Ahura Mazda, the 'Righteous Minded God of the Zoroastrians' who is 'All Knowing' and ‘the Source of all excellence' calls for the entire human beings to observe this. ‘Good Thoughts', ‘Good Words' and ‘Good Deeds' is a great instruction which can lead the human morality and consciousness towards a divine direction.

Not only we, the Iranians, but the entire world is well aware that Zoroastrians, with their belief in the Final Arbitration of the world, and triumph of the Good over evil and the triumph of Truth over falsehood are exemplars of practical morality. They have opted for an ideal moderation between a material and spiritual life. The Zoroastrian Commandments which state that we can overcome untruthfulness, along with doubt and wrongful wishes, with wisdom, avarice with contentment, wrath with tranquility, envy with good will, need with sobriety, conflict with reconciliation, is the implicit and common dictions of all divine religions, which can create and expand the life of moderation, rationality and ethics for the human beings and the world, at large.

Today's world, more than ever, is in need of such spiritual and moral resources and coexistence of religions. The human experience and knowledge should be seriously used for the fulfillment of this necessity. Iran, the birthplace of Zaratushthra the messenger of excellences and benevolence, has been the first Home to the Zoroastrians, and the constant presence of Zoroastrianism in Iran, even besides Islam, has bestowed upon the followers of this divine religion an influential role within the context of Iranian and Islamic culture and civilization.  This long living life philosophy should, today, be recreated and strengthened, and with harmony, collaboration, and coexistence block the path to targeted demonic ideas and efforts which aim to bring the world towards conflict among religions. Discord, strife, construction of prejudice and inappropriate religious fanaticism, wherever they exist, is a product of satanic policies, and, thus, there is no doubt that the responsibility of the followers of all religions today is heavier than ever.

I wish that the Almighty God bestow ongoing success for the entire world Zoroastrians, I, specifically salute and convey my most sincere felicitations to the Parsis of India who are reputable and honorable citizens of this ancient land. I hope that by holding the next Congress in Iran, their ancient Homeland, we will host their kindness. God Willing.

Dr. Hassan Rouhani,

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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