TEHRAN, Dec. 10 (MNA) – The speaker of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has reported from Parliament session.

Hossein Naqavi Hosseini told Mehr News that foreign minister had answered questions by the parliamentarians about the IAEA inspections, nuclear negotiations, and Beirut explosions and links to the other countries probable roles.

He also said that credible sources had informed the Commission that Israel had kidnapped Brig. Gen. Alireza Asgari for his critical information and positions in the past and emphasized that all Iranian responsible authorities would do their best to release Asgari from the captivity of the Zionist regime, and that the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission would carry out an investigation into the issue.

“Mohammad Javad Zarif also attended the Commission to respond some questions by the parliamentarians,” he said. “Rasaie asked Zarif how he would justify positions taken about the Holocaust, part of which was the distortion of the Leader’s opinions, to which Zarif responded that ‘we believe that the Zionist regime has assumed the role of the oppressed side in the issue of Holocaust to justify its cruelty against the Palestinians and Muslims, and I would not spend from the Leader’s prestige and credit; this is your own personal understanding,’” he said.

Naqavi told that the next question came from Jafari, Bojnourd’s representative. “He asked Zarif about the lack of making some predictions blasts near the Islamic Republic’s embassy in Beirut, to which Zarif responded with comments, which Jafari was convinced with the response,” he said.

 Naqavi also said that Zareie, Tehran’s representative was the next interrogator. “He asked Zarif why would the IAEA be granted access to Iran’s centrifuge workshops, while the NPT did not have such provisions, and that accepting such inspections violated the country’s independence; to which Zarif responded he would warn the negotiators on the matter,” he said.

“Karimi Qodusi was the next interrogator. He asked Zarif why in the negotiations the negotiating team took positions in conflict with the predefined principles of maintaining national esteem. Zarif responded that the negotiating team had worked to maintain the country’s national interests, redlines set by the Leader, which convinced the interrogator,” Naqavi said.


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