TEHRAN, Jan. 23 (MNA) -- Filmmaker Naser Taqva’i believes that Iran’s ta’zieh (passion play) is an Iranian opera which uses impressive language.

Taqva’i, who will be participating in the 23rd Fajr International Film Festival with the documentary “The Ta’zieh of Braveheart Hur”, told IRNA on Sunday that the festival can help raise the status of ta’zieh through the screening of his film.


“I am planning to elaborate on various dimensions of this traditional Iranian art of ta’zieh with several experts after the screening of the documentary,” he said.


“Ta’zieh is based on classical art. It is also a drama which can easily communicate with the audience quickly and quite easily.

I originally planned to make a film based on works by students of dramatic arts, but later I changed my mind and tried to work on the unknown aspects of the drama in this documentary.


“In the past, the Mo’in al-Boka was someone who was present in all the scenes, directing the stage setting and special effects of the play.


“The use of different colors also helped distinguish the good and bad characters of the play, that is, the Imams (AS) wore green, the enemies red, and Hur and his family yellow,” he noted.


Ta’zieh has a dramatic structure and form and can be staged both in open or closed spaces, he said, adding that the play “The Ta’zieh of Braveheart Hur” was written by Mir Aza Kashi and filmed in Zavvareh, a town near Ardestan in Yazd Province.


Hur was a commander of Muawiya’s troops who joined Imam Hussein (AS) on the night of Ashura and was martyred in his company as one of the bravest.


Taqva’i made the ten-minute documentary film on ta’zieh for registration of the Iranian passion play on UNESCO’s list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


The film shows the value of the Iranian passion play. The documentary also describes how it is in danger of being forgotten and offers suggestions on ways to reinvigorate and save the art of ta’zieh.


Ta'zieh is one of the oldest theatrical traditions of Iran. It is a form that combines Islamic fact and fiction with ancient Iranian ritual.


Today, ta'zieh is not only an exercise in religious narration, but a performance that meshes didactic rhythmic schemes with theatrical props to visualize the passion of Imam Hussein (AS) for a lay audience. Therein they learn about the virtues of Imam Hussein (AS), his notions of right and wrong, and the power of divine justice.






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