Grasshopper price unprecedentedly high in Saudi Arabia

TEHRAN, Apr. 14 (MNA) – widespread spraying of pesticides to control influx of locust in Saudi Arabian farms has led to unprecedentedly high prices for cicada.

Mehr News quoted a report in Al Alam, who reported that the Saudi National Center for Pest Control had said that the organization’s attempts to ban marketing cicadas polluted with the pesticides had led to creation of black markets, and high prices for it. It is expected that each bag of cicada reach 3000 to 5000 Saudi Riyals.

Al Eqtisadiyya, Saudi daily, wrote that with the coming of reproduction season of insects, large numbers of cicadas have swarmed Saudi Arabia, the greatest group covering an area of 40 Km square meters.

The authorities has said that they sprayed large part of farms to control the number of cicadas, which are considered great threat to agriculture, and it is probable that cicadas consumed as food, are polluted with the pesticides, and hence are dangerous to human health.


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