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By: Seyyed Hadi Borhani

Arabs need to know peace process with Israel over

Arabs need to know peace process with Israel over

TEHRAN, Feb. 04 (MNA) – Arab states stayed silent in the face of Israel's recent stances, which violated all peace treaties with Israel. This silence will not only be costly for the Palestinians, but it will have grave consequences for Arab world.

After recent remarks by Israeli regime prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who recently said that the Zionist regime will never accept a Palestinian country, Arabs need to wake up.

The Middle East witnessed an important and decisive development in the so-called peace process between the Arabs and Israel during the past weeks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in a press conference on January 18 that Israel must have security control over all areas in the West Bank in any implemented agreement or plan in the future.

Security control is the respectful title of occupation, and this stance from Israel means this regime's decision to continue occupying the entire West Bank (not just a part of it).

In this case, there will be no room for the formation of a Palestinian state, even in a small corner of the West Bank.

This is not just a perception of Netanyahu’s words but he stated arrogantly, in the same meeting "This is in contrast with the right of sovereignty of the Palestinians. What can be done?".

After these meaningful and serious statements, which not only questioned the peace process and the two-state solution but completely rejected it, Biden made a call with Netanyahu, stating "The Prime Minister of Israel is not against all two-state solutions, and some forms of this solution can be realized."

Hours after Biden's statements, Netanyahu's office emphasized his previous positions, stating that Netanyahu, in his conversation with Biden, repeated his positions, which have been consistent over the years, and as he said in a press conference on January 28, Israel should have full security control of the Gaza Strip after Hamas annihilation which conflicts with the Palestinians' request for sovereignty.

Netanyahu always had a negative stance towards the "Oslo Accords" which is the basis of the Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement and the basis of the two-state solution. He stated last year that he is proud of preventing the establishment of an independent Palestinian state during the past 30 years.

Netanyahu described the "Oslo Accords " as a terrible mistake, claiming "Now everyone knows what the Palestinian state is like, now that we have seen a small example of it in Gaza". But during this time, he always played with the two-state solution and the peace process in a way, and he never denied it with such clarity. Netanyahu's recent position regarding the peace process and the possibility of forming a Palestinian state has left no doubt about this regime's position in opposing the basis of the peace process and the formation of a Palestinian state however small and powerless.

​ The recent position of the Israeli government regarding the fate of Palestine and the Palestinians is quite clear; There will be no Palestinian state and the Palestinians will have to live under an apartheid regime in the best case, and in the worst case scenario, they will be destroyed through a brutal genocide. In these circumstances, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians can be considered a foreseeable solution.

In response to Israel's position, the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, said "If Israel does not accept the two-state solution, we should discuss to see what other solution they have in mind. Should the Palestinians be forced to migrate or massacre them? " In these words, he called Israel's recent position disappointing.

Under such circumestances, when Israel's clear intention to destroy Palestine and the Palestinians is announced and even the European Union reacted strongly, the Arab League stayed silent unfortunately.

The Arab League ignored the importance of this serious issue while an occupied Arab country and an Arab nation have been destroyed, and now Israel declares that this occupation continues and there is no space for the formation of a Palestinian state.

After announcing the clear positions of Israel regarding the Palestinian state, it would not make any sense to talk about the peace process and the two-state solution, especially the engagement with this regime to provide the basis for the formation of a Palestinian state.

The Middle East peace process requires Israel to withdraw from the 1967 occupied territories in exchange for peace and legitimacy and allows the formation of a small Palestinian state in these territories. Therefore, almost all the Arab parties that have entered into peace with Israel have declared an important goal of a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian issue and providing the basis for the formation of a Palestinian state.

Since Egypt and Israel's peace, as the first Arab stated who established diplomatic ties with Israel, until the normalization of the UAE with this regime, the Palestinian issue and the need for a peaceful solution based on the UN resolutions and the two-state solution have always been part of the peace agreement with the Zionist regime. The Abraham Accords Declaration was also made with the promise of stopping the annexation of the West Bank to Israel.

The Arab countries have remained silent against Israel's recent positions despite this history which undermined the basis of all peace treaties with Israel. This silence will not only cost the Palestinians a lot, but it will have grave consequences for the Arab world.

The Arab countries cannot be indifferent to their fate even if they ignore the Palestinian issue and show indifference to the fate of an Arab nation. October 7 clearly showed that the Palestinian issue cannot be separated from the Arab world, and the Arab world and its security and interests will be affected by the Palestinian issue until this issue is resolved.

Therefore, the Arab governments (even if they only care about their interests) must bravely accept this fact and admit that escaping from this issue will not resolve their problem, considering the experience of several decades of so-called peaceful Arab interaction with Israel.

Considering the importance and sensitivity of the aforementioned development, the Arab countries should break their silence and declare a position regarding this serious development.

The Arab League had better express its opinion on the recent position of the Zionist regime in an emergency meeting and make it clear to Israel that it is not possible to normalize relations without the establishment of a Palestinian state and without the Palestinians enjoying a minimum amount of their basic rights., This way, the Arab League can threaten Israel and announce a deadline to change Israel's anti-peace position.


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