Despite all attempts, Zionist regime will fall apart: analyst

TEHRAN, Aug. 28 (MNA) – Mehdi Azizi, Iranian expert on West Asia affairs believes that Zionist Israel will definitely fall apart despite all desperate attempts because of its internal problems and the increasing power of the Resistance forces.

Mehdi Azizi, who is Director of Foreign News at Mehr News Agency, made the remarks in an interview with the Tehran-based Strategic Council on Foreign Relations website.

Azizi stressed that the political, economic and social problems and challenges in the Zionist regime have not emerged recently as a result of events or the behavior of the Netanyahu government but they are the result of "seven decades of occupation and fake identity."

The commentator said, "After seven decades of occupation, the Zionist regime is facing an identity crisis that manifests itself in various aspects."

He further said that Netanyahu's actions only accelerated these economic, political and social paradoxes.

Azizi pointed to the unrest and protests in the Zionist entity in recent years, saying that the Israeli regime is severely unstable and racist.

Elsewhere, the West Asia region expert said that while the Israeli regime is in decline, the power and strength of the Axis of Resistance is increasing.

The analyst said that the Islamic resistance is formed not only in Palestine and Lebanon but also in the entire region and it has changed the equations.

He noted that the synergy and cooperation among the resistance has been formed in entire Palestinian lands so that it is not limited to specific geographical territory, such as Gaza.

He also said the Resistance is not using new tools and has adopted new methods and approaches.

Azizi further said that the Resistance has created a balance of power now and it has besieged the Zionist regime.

He noted that the Zionists have now built walls around their occupied territories to protect themselves and ensure their security but in fact, they have isolated and imprisoned themselves. 

He referred to the adventurism by the Zionist regime in the countries of the region, adding that the Zionist regime has been involved in warmongering policies and creating tensions since its birth.

The commentator further said that the Zionist regime tries to deflect attention from its internal crises by creating tensions and conflicts in other places.

Azizi also noted that while the Zionist regime sought to represent itself as an invincible entity and despite the billions of dollars in assistance from the United States, it is now in a situation that its annihilation is inevitable.


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