E3: Defenders of peace or mass producers of WMDs?

TEHRAN, Nov. 30 (MNA) – Following is an Ope-ed published by the official website of the Islamic Revolution Leader regarding the European countries' claims of defending human rights.

Following the statement made by English, French and German authorities about the peaceful nuclear project of the Islamic Republic of Iran – where they repeated the same groundless and unreasonable accusations – Ayatollah Khamenei mentioned in his speech delivered on November 24, 2020, “While England and France possess destructive nuclear missiles – Germany is also moving in the same direction – they say to us that we should not have missiles. What is it to you? You should go correct your own behavior and then, you can talk.” The present Op-Ed discusses the activities of the European countries, which claim to be defending human rights, in the area of producing and selling weapons of mass destruction and the dangers that they pose to global peace.

The dossier on the building and selling weapons of mass destruction by England, France, and Germany is a hefty one. Not only have these three countries equipped themselves with weapons of mass destruction, but they have also equipped the despicable Zionist regime with them.

The report published by “The Nuclear Notebook” shows that England began its efforts to build a nuclear bomb in 1952[i]. Winston Churchill announced on February 26, 1952, that England had managed to build a nuclear bomb[ii]. At the present time, England possesses at least 225 nuclear warheads[iii].

Not only has Theresa May acknowledged England’s policy to use atomic bombs, but she has also endorsed it even if it leads to the deaths of a hundred thousand people. Guardian has reported that in order to convince the House of Commons to increase the military budget of that country by 40 million dollars, she gave her blessing to using atomic bombs. She even insisted that she was willing to push the launch button. In response to George Crowne, the representative of the Scottish National Party, she explicitly said: “If necessity dictates, I will give the order to use nuclear weapons even if a hundred thousand innocent women and children will be killed.” She added: “I should tell you honorable gentlemen that the logic behind the deterrence power is to let our enemies know that we are ready to use nuclear weapons.[iv]

France also acquired an atomic bomb in 1960 and presently, it possesses at least 300 nuclear warheads. That country is capable of launching nuclear weapons by using fighter planes or nuclear submarines[v].

The cruise missile “ASMP-A”[vi] with a nuclear warhead of 300 kilotons is one of the French nuclear weapons and it is 20 times stronger than the bomb used by the US in Hiroshima.

In 1956, Guy Mollet, the head of the French socialist party, announced the transfer of the technology related to nuclear bombs to Israel. He reserved a room in Hôtel de Matignon for Shimon Peres to supervise that project[vii].

Regarding France-Israel cooperation on developing nuclear weapons for Israel, Thierry Meyssan - a French writer and analysist well-known for his book “A Big Lie” about the September 11 incident - says: “In 1956, Guy Mollet, the head of the French socialist party, arranged the transfer of nuclear technology from France to Israel. In the process, he reserved a room for Shimon Pere in Hôtel de Matignon so that he would supervise the transfer project.” Subsequently, France built a nuclear power plant in Dimona, a city in the occupied lands, and Shimon Peres presided over it. In the present time, the Zionist Regime possesses 80 to 400 nuclear warheads and a large number of neutron bombs.

England also helped arm the Zionist regime with nuclear weapons[viii]. As well as mutual cooperation in conducting nuclear research, it provided Israel with combustible substances. It was a Jewish scientist named Mordechai Vanunu who revealed the Israeli nuclear project when being interviewed by Sunday Times. He was abducted by MOSAD in Rome and he was imprisoned in the occupied lands for 18 years[ix].

Germany began its first attempts to build a nuclear bomb during the time of the Nazis. In his memoirs, Otto Skorzeny mentions that Nazi Germany achieved a nuclear bomb in 1943. He says, “In my private meeting with Adolf Hitler, I introduced nuclear bombs to Hitler, but he said that such bombs would lead to the destruction of the human race and that he would never give the command to produce them.” Although German researchers did not succeed in building atomic bombs, they began to build chemical weapons in 1915 and turned into a mass producer soon. During the imposed war against Iran, the transgressing Saddam Regime was supported by 35 countries in the world, one of which was West Germany. Throughout the war, Iraq launched chemical attacks on Iran 3500 times. After the end of the war, Sinntal, working on military issues in Paris, announced that 86 out of 207 companies working with the Saddam regime were German companies. In March 1967, a German weekly called “Stern” published a report on Iraq’s factory of chemical industries, with an area of 25 square kilometers, saying that the raw substances and the necessary equipment, worth approximately one billion marks, were provided by German companies – in particular by a company named Pilot Plant.

Chemical weapons were another destructive weapon developed in English arms factories. Winston Churchill clearly supported their utilization and described the opponents of the project as delicate and soft-hearted individuals[x].

England built a Hydrogen bomb, a kind of nuclear bomb, in 1957 and France did so in 1968. Today, these hydrogen bombs are active[xi].

With their dirty and notorious history of committing crimes and working with other criminals in the world as accomplices, England, France and Germany do not have the right to accuse other countries – in particular, the Islamic Republic of Iran – of building destructive weapons. Iran has always stressed the issue of nuclear disarmament in regard to other countries in the world. In his historic fatwa issued on December 12, 2010, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution declared that the utilization of nuclear weapons is haraam [religiously forbidden]. A cursory look at the text of this important fatwa dispels the claims made by those three European countries:

“In our opinion, as well as nuclear weapons, all kinds of weapons of mass destruction – such as chemical and biological weapons – are considered as serious threats to humanity. The Iranian nation, which is a victim of chemical weapons, has felt the danger of producing and storing these weapons more than any other nation, and therefore, it is ready to utilize all its resources in order to confront them. We think that the use of such weapons is haraam and believe that the effort to immunize the entire humanity against this grave disaster is everyone’s responsibility[xii].”

After Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal, England, France, and Germany were expected to show their political maturity by honoring their commitments and by separating their path from the US. Their recent position shows, however, that they have turned to threatening the Iranian nation, just like Trump, but they will certainly suffer a defeat on this path, as the US did.


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