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Iranian Date Companies

TEHRAN, Dec. 18 (MNA) – Numerous companies are engaged in the field of date selling in Iran. Foreign purchasers usually select old and experienced companies for long-term cooperation.

One of the advantages of old companies is that they present suitable prices for dates. These companies usually prefer to cooperate with the biggest Iranian companies.

The Mazafati Date of Bam

The Mazafati date of Bam, also identified as the Kimia date, is one of the most popular dates in the world. This date is the product of Bam city. Mazafati is coarse and black.

The most significant characteristic of this date is that it is delicious.

The Mazafati date has diverse qualities and packages.

India is the main purchaser of this date.

This date enjoys different rankings.

The different qualities of this date have different prices.

This date has an average of different weights.

 European and Asian countries are the purchases of this date, as well.

The Piarom Date

The Piarom date, recognized as the Marian date in the world, is one of the most significant dates produced in Iran. This date could attract the attention of the people in the world. The Hajiabad farmers grow this date by hard endeavors and concerning the modern principles of this date. They also harvest it at a proper time.

Piarom is one of the most luxury dates of Iran. It is also the most expensive Iranian date.

Piarom is provided in different packages for exports. Similar to other Iranian dates, this date is unique in the world. 

The Sayer Date 

The Sayer or Estameran date is the product of Khuzestan province. This date enjoys a global ranking. You can also provide this date from our company.

Sayer has different qualities. This issue confuses purchasers at the purchase time.

The Kaloteh Date

The Kaloteh date is also the product of Kerman province. It greatly resembles Mazafati. However, this date is a little drier than Mazafati.

Date Supplier

Great companies prefer to have long-term cooperation and purchase their required tonnages.

One benefit of cooperating with providers is purchasing the dates that are qualified and have suitable prices.

Providers preserve the qualified dates in their refrigerating rooms at the harvest time and supply them for customers in suitable seasons.

Crystal dates is Iranian Dates supplier.

Introducing an Iranian Date Producing Company

The Crystal Dates Company with many years of experience in selling date is one of the largest Iranian companies active in exporting dates to different countries.

Crystal possesses the necessary standards, as well as acceptable quality in the date market.

The crystal Company has branches in France and Emirates in addition to Iran. Thus, purchasers can refer to these branches, as well.


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