Trump's defeat message in Kentucky

TEHRAN, Nov. 11 (MNA) – The heavy defeat of the Republican Party in the Kentucky state election shows that the closer we get to the US presidential race next year, the lower the chances of a president winning.

As The Atlantic Donald Trump wants his party to believe that he was the hero of the campaign in Kentucky, who almost—but not quite—rescued a deeply unpopular governor from defeat. But to understand why November 2019 is so ominous for Republicans, you need to understand why Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin was so unpopular in the first place.

The story does not end there! Kentucky was one of the states where Trump won the previous presidential election. In other words, Kentucky's electoral votes in the run-up to the Republican election in 2016  were favored by Republicans. On the other hand, Trump never predicted that Democrats would lose in both Kentucky and Virginia in the one year remaining in the US presidential election. Undoubtedly, this defeat has deeply concerned the Republican Party leaders. If the results of the recent governorship elections in Kentucky and Virginia (which led to the Democratic Party's victory) are repeated in next year's presidential election, Trump will experience one of the most severe defeats in presidential election history.

There is now deep discontent with Trump among independent voters, Democratic voters, and even some traditional Republicans. This has increased the likelihood of Trump's defeat in key states such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Even Trump in states that previously belonged to the Republican Party (such as the state of Texas) is not sure of his definitive victory. This is the worst possible situation for the President of the United States of America.

The defeat of Republicans in both Kentucky and Virginia has heightened Donald Trump's and Republican's concerns about next year's presidential election. Trump has, until now, believed that polls in the United States that showed Gate's decline in popularity (especially after Ukraine) were all lies! But the results of the recent elections in Kentucky and Virginia show that US citizens' dissatisfaction with the president is quite real. How can Trump really contain the many discontents he has ?! This is a question that Donald Trump may not even have the answer to.


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